Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to have a .47 cardigan

1. Go to Old Navy when they are having 50% off clearance event.

2. Check the damaged clothes area.

3. Find a fantastic gray cardigan with a hole in the back where the tag is.

5. Look at the price tag and see if it is worth the price to fix it.
Notice that it has a clearance tag so it's 50% off and a 75% off for a hole. Totally worth .47 and you remember you live a state where they don't tax clothing. So SCORE!

6. Take it home, set it on a shelf for a month or so and totally forget about it.

7. Be blog browsing find This blog and think, wow that is great, I wish I had a sweater I could do that to with coordinating fabric.

8. Practically break your ankle on leftover gray satin from your sons Halloween costume and have a moment of enlightenment as you remember the gray sweater you bought with a hole in it.

9. Cut up the satin, follow the tutorial, bug your husband while he is watching football seeing if you got the pleats "perfect"

10. Pin for about 1 hr.

11. Sew for about 5 min. Not including making the tubes.

12. Feel amazing satisfaction on all the compliments you receive on it.

13. Vow NEVER to pass a knit on the repair rack because you think you can't "fix" it.


Laura said...

You are amazing! I'd never have thought to fix something from the store...and if I did, it wouldn't look near as nice! You look great too!

Cassie said...

Woo hoo! I just figured out a way to use my brown cardigan (the one with the hole at the neck line) again. Thanks Leah!