Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kevin is 2 months

Happy 2 month

Kevin turned 2 months on the 20th also. He is changing so much. He follows me as I walk by now and smiles when I look at him. He also laughs and is on a solid sleeping schedule now. He is also a super chunk and loves the animals on his mobile and the ceiling fan more than anything. He also loves patty-cake and music. He is not so fond of our dogs, Anya and having to wait for anything!

Anya's 3rd birthday

Sept. 20th Anya turned 3. Let me recap a few things for those who have not met her. Anya was born while I was evacuated for hurricane Ivan. She has been the hurricane in my life. I have never met a child with more personality and spunk. She keeps me on my toes. She may look like the clone of my husband but according to my family she has my personality, look out world.
We spent her birthday laying on the couch watching tv for 14 hours straight. I had a nasty stomach bug. I will spare you the details but lets just say all Anya ate that day was anything she could reach in the pantry, raisins and juicy juice in the box form. Luckily I had let her open her presents as they came in the mail. And Ed and I had given her her present on Sat.
She got a lollipop and a dress from G Grandma Webster. A box of clothes from my friend Rosa in FL the tights being her favorite, a trampoline from her parents and a thomas tent from her Grandpop and Grandma Lonegan.

Could you possibly have a luckier or more spoiled little girl?!

Sunday night playing with Papa

When Ed leaves I get super sick of entertaining Anya all day. By the time dinner is over I have had it. Today we solved that problem. Anya got to play with her Papa.

Tonight they played in the pool (actually a dog bed), jumped on the trampoline and even played puppets, Ed was a rooster. I am so glad my daughter has a great imagination.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dear Papa

Dear Papa,
We have decided to write you a letter to tell you that we miss you. We are sick of pasta and pizza and wish you would come back so Mama would cook again. The house is so trashed Anya can't play anywhere but right on top of me. Please come home so she'll clean up. We finally have clean clothes, only because Anya was out of underwear. I (Kevin) can't sleep because the t.v. is always on some dumb reality show every night. Deep down inside we miss the background noise of your dumb car and truck shows. I (Anya) am whiny all the time because Mama spends all her time feeding Kevin and I have to watch cartoons. Although today I discovered Snorks! Do you remember that show? We can't wait until Wednesday when we get you from Texas. We miss you and love you.
Your children
P.S. Mama also no longer goes to bed at a reasonable hour.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First shopping trip

Today is the 1st shopping trip with 2 kids since I have had 2. We were hunting for great boots. We found them!

And this is what the kids looked like after...

Anya was not cooperating and quite grumpy, her "tummy still hurts" But she is fine when she wants brownies or fruit snacks! My Dad used to call it the 2:30 miracle cure(that's when school got out) Well at least I got great boots!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Catch the bug

I have caught the blog bug. I have decided since my Mom's blog is too difficult for me to figure out how to post pictures and the what not. I have decided to jump on the online public journaling also known as blogging. So here we are. Stay tuned for more details...