Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 Talent show

Getting ready to go on. She was so nervous. The whole school plus families!!
I can never get videos to upload, ugh!! Any ideas would be great! I guess I'll have to figure out how to get it on Facebook.
She did a great job! She sang Down by the Bay and did 4 verses.
Did you ever see a cat wearing a hat?
Did you ever see a cow kissing a plow?
Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose?
Did you ever see a bear combing it's hair?

I was so proud of her independence. She picked what she wanted to do and came up with the verses on her own. She did GREAT!!

Mini photo shoot of Daphne in her blessing dress

Due to this picture I have realized she looks like me

Big blue eyes

Who loves Mama? Meeeeeeeeeee

Such a sweetie

Here is Daphne in the blessing dress. I told the story in my last post. I figured I would get some of just her in the dress. She wanted to nap and was a little fussy but luckily she is such a good baby that she is easily distracted. After the shoot I promptly squished up the bag and sent it to Mallory for her baby.

No longer a daisy

My little girl is growing up. Anya officially bridged to brownies. These past 2 years have been a lot of fun and now we look forward to selling cookies(not really!) Congrats girls!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial day parade

Kevin, Daphne and I waiting for the parade to start

Marching with the Daisy's

Daphne showing her patriotism. A daisy gave her the flag. She loved holding it.

Kevin waving his flag

This was a picture that got taken by accident but this is what she looked like for most of it.

Sometimes it is nice to live in Small Town USA. Like Memorial day parades. Small, perfect weather, all over a great day!! Anya got to walk as her last time as a daisy!

Amy's babyshower

tissue paper poms poms over the food table


banner of baby onesies(my gift to her)

The most delicious cake EVER (thanks Jess)

sideways gift table

sideways food table

I got finger mustache tattoos and we put one on baby girl, oh so cute!!
I was able to throw a shower for a friend from church who is having her 2nd baby 1st boy. It was small but a lot of fun. It was a little gentleman shower.

Mother's Day program

Fuzzy Kevin and one of his best friends, all ready to sing for us Moms

One of the gifts he made me, also a garden stone of his foot made into a ladybug.
The fun thing about having a preschooler is I still get cute Mother's day programs.


Anya sitting in the CAP airplane

Flying into the wild blue yonder

Watching the thunderbirds

The whole gang watching the Thunderbirds

So loud!!

Exhausted after watching the planes and walking around all day
Every few years the base does an airshow, it is a free great day to do with the kids. Ed was working that weekend so we went with some friends. Luckily he didn't have much to do so he was able to come hang out with us. It was a perfect day, sunny with a light breeze. The kids did great and we had a lot of fun. Daphne did great too, I wore her the whole day and she wore earplugs too.

Daphne's blessing

Daphne was blessed on June 2, 2012. I was worried that it would not be as personal as I wanted it to be, due to the fact that none of our family would be there. My Dad blessed Anya, My Grandpa blessed Kevin and Daphne was blessed by our Bishop/home teacher/ surrogate Grandpa. I didn't record it but it was a very powerful and beautiful blessing. The parts that stood out to me, is that Daphne is blessed to be in our family, where is was wanted and loved. She will be a blessing to those around her with her happy disposition. She will always be a joy in our family. She will be faithful and true her whole life.
She is also wearing the dress that my sisters and I were all blessed in. My Mom was pregnant her last semester of college(with me) and made it as one of her homemaking finals. It is so beautiful, I am so glad my girls have gotten to wear the dress and that the blessing was as wonderful as it was.

Grandma visits

Visiting the Cape May zoo

 Easter egg hunt
Eating at Thai Basil

Marlene's boutique, in Collingswood, just had to get a picture for the little sis.

The great thing about having Grandma come out when a baby is born is getting to do lots of fun stuff. Luckily I felt great and we had a wonderful time seeing the area and having fun!! Thanks Mom for coming.