Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reason to stress

Days in which we are moving.....
Where are we going? Good question

Does this diaper make my butt look fat?

A few weeks ago I was super sick. ( I NEVER get sick) My friend Jess came over and took care of me and put my kids to bed. I put Kevin's diaper on and she started to laugh hysterically. She said that a cloth diaper made his but HUGE. I had honestly never noticed. What do you think?

Fantastic Friday

Life has been really stressful for me lately. Friday night the kids and I are home and what do I do?
Totally forget I am a grown up for a few hours. Can you hear the kidz only bubble gum pop music in the background? It makes it way more fun to image it.
This is the mermaid cave. Anya is only wearing tights, both legs in one leg hole pretending to be a mermaid.
Kevin in his"scuba diving costume". All the bathing suits are packed a leotard would have to suffice.
And no night is complete without jumping on the couch. On a side note, this living room set is the best investment I have ever made, it is really the BEST toy ever.

The moral: If you are about to have a nervous break down, go get a really huge cherry coke and dance to bubble gum pop music and play with your kids. Don't forget to clean up after they have gone to bed, or you can just leave it for the morning!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So Proud

We decided that we could cram in a look at a rental before church today( That is another post, for when I am not so upset)

On our way to church...
Anya in a very despairing voice, " They didn't recycle!"
Me:"Who didn't recycle, what are you talking about?"
A:" There was a can on the road and it wasn't in the recycling."
M:" That is why it is important not to litter and to put things in the trash."
A: "But, Mom is was a soda can you can recycle those. The whole recycle place is across the street. Geeesh!"

Needless to say I am so proud of my little earth conscious girl!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seriously stuck in a rut

We are stuck in a lunch food rut!

Any ideas on what to feed 2 picky little eaters. PBJ and Mac and cheese are getting old!
I think I need to buy some more compartmentalized plates!

On their plates/bowls

Mac and cheese(from a box with pureed yellow squash hidden in)
Applesauce (no sugar added)
Frozen corn(Anya)
Broccoli and Carrots, steamed (Kevin)
1/2 and banana

On PBJ nights

1/2 PBJ sandwich with crush removed for Anya
Apple slices or grapes
Sometimes some sort of cracker

What else can I feed my kids for lunch.

Oh and we have lunch at night! Dinner is at 12:30 before Papa goes to work.

The Highlight of Kevin's life

A Trip to the Firehouse.

He was in little boy HEAVEN!!!!
Amazed at the size of the tire on the ladder engine
Sitting in the back of one of the fire engines.
Anya had a good time too!

It was a great day! We finished it off with lunch at Friendly's, you can't go wrong with that!


I am big on chores. Anya has had chores since she was 16 mo. old. She had to put her spoon in the sink. Anya has taken on a few more since then.
While giving Kevin a nebulizer treatment I noticed Anya was missing. I really didn't think anything of it until I came into the kitchen and all the dishes were washed and she was scrubbing the stove. Moved the grates and everything! This is not on her chore chart but she got extra stickers for doing this.
This chore is on their chore charts. 2x a time a day they work together to feed the dog.

I know you want to know what is on Kevin's chart:
Help set the table
Help clear dishes
Feed the dog
Clean up toys at the end of the day

Christmas extravaganza

For Christmas Anya got roller blades and all the gear to go with them from her Grandparents. She was dying to try them out, so we waited until we had a day that was above freezing and went to the tennis courts. She did good, until she realized the pads were too big and she couldn't move in them!