Sunday, July 26, 2009

Farm Fair

Last night we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the County's farm fair. It is held about 15 min. away from our house in a big park. Of course we forgot the camera!
Best part for me: The Prime rib sandwich, no really it was worth the $7.00. Also the library brought in a ventriloquist act. We didn't catch much but what we saw was great!

Best part for Ed: I don't know I liked it all ( typical answer from him)

Best part for Anya: The pony ride. She used her allowance to ride a horse, it is something she has been dying to do for about a year now. I also liked watching the bigger kids race the horses. Oh and cotton candy Mom, that was great it was pink and strawberry and on a stick!

Best part for Kevin: He won't really tell me, he just keeps saying best part. So I will put what I think he enjoyed the most. He really liked watching the hotdog pig races. If you ever get a chance to see them they are so cute. I know I have seen them in CT before. Also the tractors and he used some of his birthday money to ride a pony too. He was also a huge fan of the cotton candy! I also think he loved the farmer for a day kid section. He loved to drive the tractors through the corn and wheat.

I love farm fairs. They are so cute and fun! The animals and the atmosphere is so wonderful. It was a great night out. Bridgewater is still better, way less people but this was pretty comparable.

Sorry for the no pictures. In the rush to get Kevin up from his nap, snacks, diapers, etc. I didn't even think to grab the camera. Fun evening over all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddy

Kevin is 2. Did we do anything for his birthday? NO
We were in CT the week before and Ed's parents were prepared. Allison(aunt) made him cupcakes, which he made a huge mess of.

He got lots of presents from all Grandparents. 2 train sets, and big wheel(he calls it his motorcycle) and a couple construction trucks. What a lucky boy.

The day of his birthday we got 'Donald's for his birthday. Nuggets and apple juice peas!

A little about him now:
Kevin loves motors, airplanes, motorcycles, tractors, backhoes, dozers, monster trucks, trains anything with an engine.
His favorite music is Choo Choo soul. He LOVES to dance and is quite the party animal.
He talks a TON! but only if he knows you, if he doesn't he won't say a word.
He has two speeds full speed ahead and off.
He loves shoes, it doesn't matter what kind. His favorites right now, his addidas sambas, flip flops and tap shoes( really who doesn't love the sound?!)
His favorite food is chicken nuggets and won't touch the real stuff, it's yucky and gross!
He will give and do anything to go outside, he loves to drive the cozy coupe car and dig in the sand and swim.
I am so glad he is 2 and turning into such a big boy. We love you Kevin and your sweet ways!

I only lasted a few months

My friends J and B were in the market for a gas dryer and went and got one. Then they asked if I could house theirs. I have to say I am back to using a dryer again. It has just been so rainy. I still have my drying rack out on the screened in porch, but most of the stuff gets dried in the dryer. Anya is excited to have soft towels again. I have to admit I am excited that my jeans shrink again. Although I have not seen my electric bill yet. I am a little terrified!

Another excuse for not blogging

For those of you who don't know this is our dog Annie. Annie was our first child. We adopted her when I was 6 months pregnant.
At the end of May we were watching my friends dog. He is a really good small dog, but his only vice is he loves to run out the front door. He was doing really well until the boy I was babysitting let them both out. In our side yard down by the driveway we have an old dog kennel. Louie ran right in there. Annie ran over there too, but not into the kennel. I went over to get them, shut the gate on Louie and went to grab Annie when she turned around to play the come chase me game. She ran right into the road into a van. Luckily it was Annie and she stopped. If it were Louie he would have been smooshed to smithereens. Her back paw was run over and she needed stitches for 2 weeks and to wear an Elizabethan Collar. She was not happy. I am pleased to report that she no longer even goes near the door though. An expensive lesson but I have never been so glad she was fine.

Do you see how swollen her paw is? She busted out the pad. She still limps if she runs too much or walks on gravel.

The joys of being a housewife

I have learned that I really do love being a housewife. I enjoy the challenge of stretching our money and keeping a clean house and cooking meals. I found chicken on sale for .49 a lb and apparently someone took a picture of me preparing it to freeze. My huge freezer is almost full. My food storage is quite complete also. Conversation with Anya the other day:
Me: Anya do you want your hot do whole or cut into circles with a toothpick?
Anya: I want it on hot dog bread(roll).
Me: We don't have any
Anya: Yes we do.
Me: No we don't
Anya: Yes we do it's in the basement
Me: No we don't we used up all the hot dog buns
Anya: Mom we have everything in the basement!

I am actually quite proud that she thinks that!

Kevin's 1st fight

Mosquito 1 Kevin 0
It bit his eyebrow!

The joys of a bigger yard

She usually wears skiing goggles too! You can't see it but she is wearing zebra stripped rain boots!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I apologize

I am sorry for not posting in so long. Things have been nuts.
We own the house. We closed on June 1st. We are currently landscaping. It's been a lot of work! Anya's room is painted and now we need to decorate it. Kevin's is next and the downstairs. I can't wait, but I am saving some projects to keep me busy during the winter. I promise I will update with past events, etc. soon. I just wanted you all to know that I am alive, I swear.