Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daisy Maisy dress

When Kelly posted her Daisy Maisy, Shabby Apple knock off I knew I HAD to make it. My friend has a daughter who we all call Maisy. So I took a stab. Not as hard as it looks, the waistband is the worst part.
Then I made it in a 12 mo. for a customer. She bought the fabric I put it all together.

It took me a few hours. A lot of adjusting. It really is a great dress, it would be perfect for a wedding or whatnot.

ruffle tank

Sorry these pictures are horrible. This is the softest, most comfy shirt I own and I made it in about 10 min. Love it. Another Boden knock off. Tutorial here

produce bags

Those of you who know me know that I am a little environmentally friendly. I almost never get plastic bags at stores. I always have my reusable ones in the car or hanging on the garage door. If you know me well enough to come through my garage they have probably beaten you up at some point.
Anyway, I hate that I have to use plastic bags to get my produce. So I was super excited when Delia did her rainbow series and made these. These 3 are my version. Love them. They gray is huge and we use it for beach toys, it was Ed's old t-shirt. They green is mine and super light. The small one is one of Anya's old t-shirts that was gymboree and super cute and stained beyond repair, so I made into the cutest produce bag ever!!

Warning: they are not good for green beans, or cherries. That is all I have found so far.

Mini Boden knock off

A friend of mine asked a few months ago if I had ever heard of Mini Boden. No, so I promptly got on the internet checked it out and requested their catalogs. Oh my cuteness. It is a tad out of my current price range so I decided to make a knock off for my friend's daughter. She wanted a 4th of July skirt that looked like theirs. She didn't want to pay quite that much, so I came up with my version. I used Dana's exposed waist circle skirt and diaper cover tutorials. Merged them and came up with this little number. Super cute. I can't wait until they get home from vacation so I can see it on her.

Play date

Kevin has a few friends that he does weekly play dates with. Kevin and F came up to me and said that they were playing knights and we didn't have any shields, so can we go to the store right now? Ummm, let me think for a minute, No.
So we did the next best thing. We made them. They were made out of the largest flat rate box the US Post Office offers. Thanks! I cut them out sewed about 5 inches of elastic on the back and told the boys to decorate them. 10 minutes later, they were knights for 2 hrs. Priceless!!

Day in the life

Occasionally Anya asks to play Angy Birds on my IPOD and I sometimes let her. Lately it has been much less because every time I get it back I have about 300 pictures saved in there. Here are a few of the best. Photo credit: Anya Lonegan 6.5 years old

Tiny Dancer

Actually it's gymnastics but doesn't she look like a dancer?

She did great in her recital, especially since she didn't start until Feb. She stuck it out and decided gymnastics is not her thing.