Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ed's religious views (according to me)

My husband is a gearhead, gasoline runs in his veins, he loves the smell of diesel in the morning.
Every time I hear this I think of him.

He is trying to convert his kids, and so far he is doing a wonderful job. Good thing I like them in the garage!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Everyone loves a real cowboy/girl

Getting dressed and ready to go....

Howdy ya'll

So excited, he loves horses

I however am terrified, but they made me ride, oh and I think I look fat so don't say anything about this picture. ;p
I love the serenity in this picture, I also think it is amazingly awesome that Michelle and the horse have the same color hair!
Oh and are you wondering what happened to L in all this....... oh she wouldn't go near them!

My favorite place

Is right here. " Little cabin in the woods....." (Can you hear it?)
It is my Grandmother's family's cabin, confusing I know.
It is peaceful, and quiet and blissful.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed you can get cell phone service there now.

This is the favorite part of the cabin, at least from all the kids.
The twin bed that swings on chains. I used to think it was the best, we used to BEG to sleep there at night. Now it makes me a little sick, I ended up on the couch. It was fun to see that my kids love it as much as I used to.

The following pictures are all from the neighbors yard, they have been there since I was a kid and are still safe, I don't know how they do it?! A little preface on the first 2 pictures. Kevin was SO EXITED to go on the zip line, I was ok with him doing it until I got up on the platform. I couldn't let him go. I almost cried, I was letting my baby go. But maybe now that I got it out of my system Kindergarten will be easier. And besides look at the joy on his face!
I love that Mal got this picture!

Don't worry there is no baby in that carrier!

Drumroll please for my favorite picture of that day....................

It still makes me laugh out loud!!

"Cousins are cool.........

even if they are only babies." - Kevin Lonegan

Couldn't you just eat those cheeks, and that hair just too much!

The happiest baby alive!! For real. one night she slept 14 hrs and woke up smiling and laughing and waited another 1/2 hr to eat without fussing once. I would have a million if they all had her disposition.

Anya and L. So cute, they did so much together you'll see in more pictures.

Quiet moments

Sometimes it's nice to just relax and take in some t.v.

The grotto

One thing about NJ is our hikes here, well frankly, suck! They are gravel paths!! So it was nice to go on an easy hike in UT with Randy, Mom, and Natalie to "the grotto"

It all felt a little playboy but more family appropriate, and I am assuming cold!


Our flight to Utah went well, I usually get very airsick and am proud to say I did great. I think an afternoon flight helped a ton. So did DVD player and push pops!

Why I love fall

You can use this without being eaten alive and sweating your rump off. However you do have to wear a helmet to protect yourself from the missiles, we call acorns falling from above.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Since you've been gone

Played some soccer

Had a storm blow over a tree, took some crazy naps

Did crafts Papa would never allow

Visited Grandma and her family in DC
Graduated Transitional Kindergarten

And did some crafting.

Sorry some of the pictures are sideways. More to come...............