Sunday, December 25, 2011


I am a fool and deleted all the pictures of Halloween thinking I had blogged them. Oh the kids were so good this year. I'll have to figure out how to get the pictures off of facebook to put them on here. Ugh I am so mad at myself. BTW the kids and dog were Ang, Katara, and Appa from The Last Airbender cartoon. I am proud to say that I semi-homemade their costumes too.

Christmas 2011

This year was a fun one,
We revolted and decided not to travel(you know me being 6 mo preg and Ed gone I just wanted to stay home for once)
Here are the pictures of what we have done since Fri (the night before Christmas eve)
 Christmas pizzas for pizza movie night
 Their faces as they walked in to see the presents Christmas morning.
 Kevin and Santa(Mr. Bill) at the MOMS club Christmas party
 All the loot
 They made out like bandits, again this year
 Even Annie got in on the action
 Sugar cereal for breakfast.
 The aftermath
 Ready for church, sorry it's sideways
How we spent a lot of the day. Kevin had a rough breathing day so he had treatment every 3.5-4 hrs and Anya played leapster games, watched movies and played with all the toys.

Thank you to all our friends and family who made the Christmas so spectacular, and seriously low key!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

We wish you a merry Christmas

The kids and I were singing Christmas carols while we, actually I, decorated for Christmas. We started singing "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" and Anya decided to change the words for Papa.

We miss you this very Christmas!

It summed up how we feel completely. We have started the coming home countdown though. After Christmas the links will go up and we can count down for real!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh wow is me....

Pardon me while I wallow in my misery for a minute...........

I am ready for Ed to come home. I am tired, I have not cooked in 4 months and am quite sick of crappy food, or eggs, every night for dinner. I am done with yelling, fighting children, oh and I am done being pregnant. Not really I still have a while to go. I am tired and cranky and just want someone else to put my kids to bed without having to pay them.  Ok that is all. I will back update with pictures etc. soon. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

12 weeks

The good thing about having Ed gone for this pregnancy is I am going to be good at documenting it!!
Please don't mind the mess behind me, this is the mirror in the playroom. Yes this is how we really live. I am starting to feel better but keeping the playroom clean all the time is just something I do not have energy for. 

Anya's birthday party

She is 7 now. I can't believe how fast my girl is growing. Her almost sleepover was an amazing success. It was just me and the girls so I don't have a ton of pictures. But we made pizzas, which most of the girls had never done. We also decorated pillow cases, had a dance party and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick rules. It was really a great time.
decorating pillow cases
Eating our delicious pizza
Mmmm! Cupcakes
Chocolaty picture of everyone!
Dancing the night away

1st day of 1st grade and back to school night

 Waiting for the bus
 Her writing journal at school, it says" It is the first day of school. I feel skard.(scared) Her teacher always writes little comments on her work.
 Anya's desk
Another journal entry," It is back to school night i wnat my  parents to know that I am god. (good)
This one was awesome, what self confidence to think she is God!! Haha

Allison's garden/Landscaping at Granpop's by Anya


Anya was finally old enough/could swim well enough to join the 10:00 swim club. So while Kevin slept Anya got to swim, it was all very hush, hush and she was so excited for this milestone in her life.

The kids LOVE Grandpop's house in CT. It really is the perfect place for kids(as long as they can be outside). Can't wait until next summer.

Even superheroes need to rest

On the way to the park after his birthday party, to fly his new kite. He just couldn't quite make the 10 min drive

Kevin is 4

 Pirate cupcakes. Thanks to Jess who stayed until midnight the night before the party helping me make and decorate them.
 Taken from the trampoline.
 Blowing out the candle
 Balloon sword fight on the trampoline

Kevin has never really had a birthday. We have always been traveling. I guess that is what happens when you have a middle of July birthday. This year was his 1st friend birthday. We had all his friends and all of the Lonegan family come for the party. It was a pirate party complete with a sword fight, telescopes, eye patches and bandanas and a real treasure hunt and treasure chest at the end. Everyone had a great time, especially little man. Oh and he got some spectacular gifts!!

Summer at a glance

 We decided to build a deck on the other side of the screened in porch. Got it all dug out, the sidewalk ripped out and changed our minds. Oh well. It was really good exercise.
 Dress I made for a friend's daughter
 Summer was exhausting for little man
 Anya and Annie
The village Anya made, I think we might need more tracks.

Monday, September 5, 2011

So much to catch up with...

But not today. I am still not quite feeling up to it. Getting there.
school starts this week so I have 5 weeks of house cleaning to catch up on and then I can update the blog. Although I will probably do it sooner. I can do it while we are Skyping Ed.

 So for now, off to make a semi-wholesome dinner(mac and cheese from a box anyone?) and to pack a backpack and lunchbox for the 1st day of all day school. She is not excited, "what about my family" she says. "When will I snuggle you?" I told her, "when you get home". I on the other hand am THRILLED!!! 8:30-4 you will be a blessed break from the one I butt heads with most of the time. I will miss waking up to clean-ish dishes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No further delay

This summer has been really fun for us. I will update you all in another post but for now announcing:

Should be debuting at the end of March. Right now I am sort of glued to the couch trying to keep as much food down as I can. I will update soon, hopefully!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random thoughts

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my job. I have always wanted to be a Mom. Sometimes I think that is why I never finished college. You don't actually need a degree to be one :) I love my job. I do miss the "real" world sometimes but then I think of coming home each night to rude, rowdy kids who just want to be all over me and I am so glad I get to do that all day.
This weekend has been a really great one. We spent the weekend in CT with Ed's parents. The only down side is we are all in one room. I have to sit in the room with the kids until they fall asleep so I have time to surf the net and catch up on all my blogs! Last night I was reading Megan's blog I am and I was so moved. Earlier in the blog list she had a 10 day motherhood challenge. One day was to list 5 things you love about being a mother. Here are mine:
1. Newborn baby smell( I LOVE IT, almost to an unhealthy amount)
2. The fact that I can pinch a cute bottom and not get arrested!
3. Reading for sometimes an obscenely long time to the kids.
4. The hysterical things that my children say(there are waaaay too many to list)
5. Getting reminded that I didn't get my luvins today and having 2 sweet children crawl into my lap for hugs and kisses.
There are so many other reasons but I just love being a Mom. Honestly it is my dream job. I would do it forever if I could. I have loved each stage so far( Anya is only 6.5). I can't wait for the rest, to see where it brings us and the fun and adventures we have.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hello from here

This summer we'll be here. Feel free to drop by!

handkerchief dress

I made my first real dress for a grown up. It was an easy one. I bought this fabric during the memorial day sale at Joann's for a steal. I wanted to make a different dress, but I realized the pattern on the dress wouldn't work. So I made a handkerchief dress.
It is bulkier than I thought because I had to line it all. But I do feel like a greek goddess in it!

Sorry for the super messy office/sewing room. I have been up to a lot of projects lately. I do have a stack of books to catch up on so maybe I'll slow down a little.

Shower curtain

My neighbor Marianne from the house we used to rent got this fabulous Waverly toile from a yard sale for $1.00! It is an amazing texture and it's black and white and was 5 yards!!
She has been wanting a new shower curtain for her 2nd bathroom for a while. She asked me to make a panel out of the toile, but of course I added a ruffle. I think mainly because Ed would never allow a ruffle in our bathroom, and any man who would allow toile would allow a ruffle. It is the project I am most proud of so far. I love it!

By the way. This is the kids bathroom, that is why it is so narrow and has a turquoise curtain on the side.

Inspiration came from Ashley at Make It and Love it. I did alter it a bit for my purposes and fabric amount and size.

A few thoughts

On this holiday weekend, almost 4th of July, I am here thinking......

1. I am so glad Ed is home, he was called out to fix a plane with 2 hrs notice. Luckily he was gone only a little over 24 hrs, location was drivable. However he has only slept a few hours.

2. I am so grateful for all the people in our history and present and future that serve our country in any way. I could not have all of the wonderful things I have if I didn't live here.

3. My family is really fantastic..... my house is completely trashed because for the past 3 days we have all been playing and having fun together.

All in all, I guess today I am just feeling very thankful for the things that I have in my life. Life is not always easy but it is an adventure all the same!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daisy Maisy dress

When Kelly posted her Daisy Maisy, Shabby Apple knock off I knew I HAD to make it. My friend has a daughter who we all call Maisy. So I took a stab. Not as hard as it looks, the waistband is the worst part.
Then I made it in a 12 mo. for a customer. She bought the fabric I put it all together.

It took me a few hours. A lot of adjusting. It really is a great dress, it would be perfect for a wedding or whatnot.

ruffle tank

Sorry these pictures are horrible. This is the softest, most comfy shirt I own and I made it in about 10 min. Love it. Another Boden knock off. Tutorial here