Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rice Cereal

I love rice cereal! He now only wakes up every 4-5 hours instead of 2. I will post pics if Marlene ever sends them to me, they are on her camera. I now worship the Gerber god.

We got Elfed

My fried Jess sent me this link to Elf yourself. You should check it out it's really cute. I strongly recommend it if you have any children under the age of 95.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tag You're It

I have been tagged by Kayla. Six things you may or may not know about me.

1. I am married to Ed. He is 2 years older than me. We both grew up in CT. He worked 10 min. away from where I grew up. We rollerbladed at the same places and ate at the same places yet never managed to meet, Until Aug. 2000(?). My best friend Jess was getting married in a few weeks and was having a birthday party for her husband at their condo. Jess had been trying to set me up with Ed (she didn't want to marry both of them) He was Nick's best friend. I went to the party and met him. He was very quiet but had a nice smile. I didn't think anything of it, I had a boyfriend. We became friends and then my boyfriend and I broke up and we got married in 2002.
2. I only went to 1 semester of formal college. I almost got my certification in Infant/Toddler childcare but had to quit because I was too sick and pregnant. I worked at a small daycare/preschool in Cheshire, near my Mom's house and loved it. I look back on it with fond memories. Before I did that I worked at a Convalescent Center as a dietary aide and as a receptionist. I have also waitressed a few times. I have to admit I am not that good. I am a better hostess. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but I do love my current job.
3. I love to read. I have not read a book in a while, I am afraid to go to the library in my town, I know dumb! I will probably go next week or this weekend. I also love the beach, I miss FL!, hiking and camping, rollerblading, pilates and yoga. I love to exercise and to be fit. I am also starting to explore cooking and eating healthy and canning and starting small sewing projects. Can't say I love it yet.
4. I am pretty fluent in ASL ( American Sign Language) That is to say I can have a conversation. Anya is also starting to get that way. I wanted to learn to sign when I was about 6 or 7 so my Mom took me to the Public Library and I took out every book in the children' s section on it, it snowballed from there. I started teaching Anya when she was a baby and now she walks around the house and asks me the sign for almost everything. I love to teach her. The last phone converstation I had with my Dad before he passed I told her how I was teaching Anya her colors, he told me to keep teaching her, it was important to know. He always tried to learn, He would always ask me conversational signs and he made an effort to use them as much as he could. Mallory and Marlene can also sign. Mal may be better than me. Not sure. It is a great way to talk during church.:)
5. I am a control freak, I am just able to admit this. As of a few weeks ago I realized that I am not spontaneous at all and I need to control everything in my, and others lives. I am also a huge planner and my calendar is my brain book, if I do not write it down it won't happen.
6. I did not realize how much I enjoyed having alone time until I had my second child. So far I have had 1 alone time. I ran to the store for salsa. 15 min. YES!!! I am also a t.v. aholic. I have to DVR my shows or I will watch all day.
Hope you learned a little about me.
I tag, Marlene, Mom, Ash, Mallory, and Jess

Too much tv

Yesterday Anya was watching Word World after she woke up from her nap. It had just ended and she told me she wanted to watch it again. I told her it was over and she couldn't. Then she said we can go to (It's actually .org) I guess they pick up more from TV than we know!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Last week in church the speakers ran a little short in time. The Bishop was filling in and he said that one thing he has noticed in life is that everyone no matter what their background has one thing in common and that is strife. I have to admit that is where I phased out. I began to think what is the "strife" in my life. I thought the whole week and came up with a big fat nothing. Last night I got a huge revelation that I am so grateful for my life. At this point in my life there is nothing I would change (ok I may put all my friends in one state). I am just so thankful for everything I have. I am a very blessed person.

Some cute and funny things

My visiting teacher Alice sent me this link and after a minute I just couldn't help laughing along. Hope you enjoy!

If you have not seen this you need to, it is a comedian singing a Mom's day to William Tell's 4th overature. A hilarious tribute to Motherhood.

I hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween

Anya doesn't have a choice on what she is for Halloween yet. She gets to be whatever was on sale after Halloween last year, so she was a "scary" alligator who would not keep the hood on, everyone thought she was a dragon. (That was last year) Thank you Grandma Webster for the Dalmatian costume. Everyone thought I was so cute. I was also warm and toasty. Believe it or not this was the best picture from the night. Pathetic! I'll have to dress them back up and get a better one. The neighbor got the best one, but it is a Polaroid and that is not up loadable.

Happy Birthday Old Man

On Oct. 27th Ed turned 28. He is officially almost 30! I still have a few years. He wanted chocolate pie instead of cake, so that is what he got. He also go the Transformers movie and a cute book from Anya and his all time favorite XBox 360. I am now a video game widow. Happy Birthday Ed.