Sunday, August 9, 2009

The greatest idea ever!

I saw this in a magazine, I cannot remember which one, I have no idea where I was. I don't get magazines but I wish I could credit them because my kids eat this so fast and LOVE it. I love it too.
Now I know you are thinking what in the world. It was much prettier in the magazine, they used little ice cream cones and a melon baller. Watermelon in an ice cream cone. Less mess, less sugar = totally better!!

Our trip to CT

In a nutshell it was remarkably stressful but overall is was good. Mom is on her way to Utah and we are finally back home. Here are some glimpses. Mal has way better pictures here .
But here are some highlights.Here is what my kids did while I was helping Mom pack the house. They had lots of free time to play that week!

Thanks for being such a fun Aunt and letting my kids play in the pouring rain with you that day Mal! Everyone was soaked to the bone, but had so much fun!
She will be so thrilled I took this picture someday! This is on the way to Sturbridge MA after Mom's wedding. Kevin slept the whole way to Boston so he was wide awake.At Publick house restaurant in Sturbridge. Isn't the kids dessert so cute!

Thanks to everyone who helped me out that week and a half (Kayla- Anya had so much fun) We will see you all again soon!

My little singer

If you know me or my family you know we all love to sing and have pretty decent voices(at least I think so). I thought for sure Anya would be a singer and love music. I was WRONG! She only likes rock, her favorite band is The Beastie Boys. I have found Kevin is my singer and loves music, all kinds. Choo Choo soul, with Genvieve is his favorite right now and he is always singing. The song I hear the most right now is:

The spiderman built his house upon the rock.
The spiderman built his house upon the rock.
The spiderman built his house upon the rock..........

I can't help it, I think it is too cute to correct. I'll let his nursery teachers worry about it.