Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally real snow

We thought we would get lots of snow moving back up north. I guess we are not north enough. Anya had so much fun digging and making "Anya angels." We tried to have a snowball fight but she couldn't get the hang of it. Annie (the dog) was a little scared at first but warmed right up after she saw us playing in it.

Now I hope it doesn't last too long!

Look what I got

As some may know I am somewhat of a bargain hunter. Ok maybe a lot. So I have been wanting a freezer to get more deals on perishable items. Little did I know that the BX is the greatest place for freezer deals. 9 cu ft. Kenmore for 220.00 No tax! I am so excited. Now I may need a bigger house. We are already busting with our 25 boxes of Cheerios and fruit snacks that we are trying to get rid of. (if you are in the area and want some let me know)I love a great deal!

That's my boy

Kevin's new favorite toy is Mardi Gras beads. Ed is so proud!

Discovery Museum

On Thurs. for our little church playgroup we went to the Discovery Museum. Holy Cow was it crowded but boy we had fun!
Anya and her friend Carter in a bubble!
Shopping for produce at Genuardi's

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bag Tag

I was bag tagged by Crystal. Here it is I have a diaper bag purse combo. It is the best diaper bag I have ever had, the Spark bag from Target. I have it is black and red. Red is my color of choice right now. You will see a wallet, brain book, toys to keep the kids busy, a pacifier, nursing pads, keys, phone and hands free kit, pens and pencils and a sharpie and that is pretty much it. Thanks for the bag tag. Here is what I cleaned out of my bag due to this. I was wondering where all the pacifiers and cheerios went

Valentime's Day

That is how Anya pronounces it.

We started out our celebration on Tues. when we went to a local retirement home to have a party with the residents. We sang songs. Anya was the star of Old McDonald but that is no surprise. Josh has made that her all time favorite song. They also decorated a banner to hang in the back of the activities room and had a snack. At one point we all went around and shook hands with the residents. There was a woman who had very obviously had a stroke. She couldn't shake hands was kinda off in space. Most of the other children just said hi or hid behind their parents. I was so proud of Anya. She rubbed the woman's knee and said, "Happy Valentime's Day, It is so nice to see you!" I was so proud that she knew how to react to someone who didn't react to her. The woman looked right at her and smiled and tried to shake her hand it was so precious.

On Thurs. Papa gave Anya a bouquet of tulips ( that I bought for him to give to her that day) and we made heart shaped pizza and salad and had a picnic in the living room, so we could watch Shrek 3 on pay per view. After the movie the Valentine fairy came and brought the kids Dr. Suess books and some Lindor truffles for Anya.

We have decided that Valentine's day will be a family day for us to spend together and have some fun. It was a great day!

Playing together

Now that Kevin is getting bigger and more fun, Anya tries to play with him all the time. Here they are playing Hide and Seek. He doesn't seem to mind.


While at my Mom's house last month she decided to clean out her food storage and pantry and send it with me. Fluff was an object in that pantry. It is not something I have ever bought before. Anya has decided that her favorite way to eat it is in a spoon and not on a sandwich with peanut butter.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

They Won

Enough said.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Great Grandma Lonegan

While in CT we stopped an had a visit with Ed's Grandma, Isabelle Lonegan. Anya's middle name is Isabelle. She is a wonderful woman and will be 92 on Feb. 28th. It was so nice to have a visit with her to have the kids play. Ed's Parents live downstairs in the same house and everytime we go up to Great Grandma's house Anya gets excited to play dolls with her. Grandma can't get on the floor and play but her house is full of wonderful little figurines and treasures that Anya just loves. The dolls that Grandma got just for her house are one of her favorites. It is so nice to spend time with her. I am in awe of the strength and will of Grandma. Not many people are still living on their own at 92. Her sight and hearing and strength are begining to weaken but I still view her as a strong woman. I am very grateful we took the time to stay and visit with her and her cat. Anya and Kevin had a great time hearing her sing and playing with her. It was a very nice visit. This is an old photo of when Kevin was just new.

Week at Grandma's

This past week we went up to CT to visit Grandma. It was a great visit. On Sat. morning Ed got up to take Mom to the airport, she had to go to Miami. We stayed at her house and visited Grandma and Grandpop over the weekend. The kids had a blast. Then when Mom came home she helped me sew and played with the kids. I love having extra hands! After fantastic chinese, cleaning Mom's house and spending lots of time with family we are home. Until next time thanks for having us!

Anya and Grandma playing "Ride a cock horse"

6 months

Height 33 percentile
Weight 28 percentile
Head circ. 69 percentile

Yes he has a melon head but we love him anyway! He is sitting up on his own for a half a second or so. Loves baby food. Sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, and pears are his favorite. I'm pretty sure he would kill for oatmeal if he could. He also likes a tiny taste of bread or brown rice. He is happy but is still not a good sleeper, it will come! He is such a big boy now!