Monday, December 13, 2010

The best winter recipe

Just wanted you all to have this Chicken soup recipe.

It really is the best, and freezes fantastic!!

The modifications I make are just to add a few more veggs. and color.

I add Kale instead of spinach and carrots. That is it. SUPER DELICIOUS!! A $5 chicken can get us at least 4 meals with this soup.

My family gives it 4 stars and that is the highest we go in our family.

One more reason I could not live in UT

Introducing my new addiction.

If you haven't had them, don't. They are just too good. Imagine a thin mint without the fudge. OH SO GOOD!

Utah doesn't have Trader Joe's - which has the BEST junk food.

Hello, Christmas 15!

Big Girl

Anya has finally lost her first tooth. The adult tooth has already come in.

The story:
We were playing Wii on Sat morning. She went to loosen the strap from her wrist and her tooth popped out! She is officially a 21st century child.

oh and just so I remember.... we lost it within hours, so Mama just told the tooth fairy!
Luckily I got a picture before we lost it. It is tiny!!

Christmas pageant

The kids got to take part in the Primary Christmas pageant at the ward party this year.
Kevin is not officially a sunbeam until Jan, but because our Primary is so small he has already given a talk and has gotten to be a shepherd!
How do I flip pictures

When I was pregnant with Anya and people would ask what I was having I would joke and say, "Hopefully not a dog!"
Anya has just recently discovered she is human. She was a dog for 3 years and the animals change by the minute. She was THRILLED when she got to be a donkey for the show!
The children did great!! It was a fun night had by all!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My new skirt

I wear A LOT of black
I don't even really like the color that much it is just so easy to wear.

So I made something just a touch different.
A houndstooth pencil skirt...

Here are a few of the looks I will be rocking this winter....

Casual cool with black flats

More of a dressy look with black pump

I call this one biker meets prep-school

I will probably wear this one the most. I should have worn black tights because that is how I roll in the winter.(and it hides my ugly knees)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1.00 can go further than I thought

I wanted to title the post
Even homeless kids need cool hats but I just couldn't and I am even thinking what a horrible person I am for writing this.

Ok, Anya's daisy troop is stuffing stocking for kids on Fri and you had to get 3-5 fun things and gloves or a hat. She was assigned hat for a boy.

Great! Boy stuff just is not that cool. I went looking today at Target. I found some fun hats, hello $14.00 winter hat!! NO THANK YOU!!

So I bought one for $1.00 and decided this would have to work. A bit boring but when it's cold who care? Right? Decided it was too boring and.....
I looked through a bag of Ed's old clothes that I have to bring to Goodwill. And found this little beauty!
And for $1.00 and 5 minutes of cutting and sewing I came up with this....

Please ignore the expression on the model and my messy office/sewing room!