Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food Goals

We made a family goal for the year to try more vegetables.

Me, being me is trying to keep them as in season as possible, very hard with grocery stores they
way they are.

So far we have tried...
collard greens - this is one of my favorites. Everyone else hated them
artichokes - I thought they just tasted like butter. We seemed to like them
beets - not my favorite, not horrible. Everyone else spit them out.
sugar snap peas - who doesn't love these? Oh Kevin, and Anya only liked the interior peas.
zucchini - we eat this all the time but in muffins, it was nice to have it in fries. I know this is not in season, I was getting sick of the same old.

I look forward to continuing our experiment. I want to make my kids as open to different foods as possible.

We also ALWAYS have dessert on new veggi day. They don't get it if they don't have at least one bite. I also try to pair it with a dinner I know they like.

The children also get to pick the veggi that week. We walk through the grocery store and they pick one. I have final say but they feel like they chose it.
I think so far this experiment has been a success.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just so you don't think I am hibernating

We haven't been doing much, I have winter problems, all I want to do is hibernate and get fat. I am always cold and tired.
That said, I hate it when people complain about the winter and they live in a place that gets cold. Seriously, if you can't hack it, MOVE!

Ok so we have been doing a lot of homework, t.v. watching, sleeping and eating.

Today is 42 degrees out and my kids are outside trying to shovel the ice from the yard so they can play. Tomorrow a balmy 50, look out jackets you might not go on tomorrow.

That is all, we are alive and well, I am just a little slow in the winter.