Thursday, May 26, 2011


We were in the car the other day and a radio announcer said something about Philadelphia.
Anya: Where is Philadelphia?
Me: In Pennsylvania, you know where IKEA is, we usually call it Philly.
Anya: It's in another country?
Me: Do you me state?
Anya: Oh yeah state.
Kevin: Pennsylvania....THAT'S WHERE KANGAROOS ARE!!!!!
Me: Buddy, you mean Australia.
Then we all started laughing.

The next day, we are watching the finale week of Oprah and Nicole Kidman comes on.
Anya: She sounds like she has an accent like Sis. S.( a lady we know from England)
Me: Almost she is from Australia.
Kevin: THAT'S WHERE KANGAROOS ARE! in Transylvania.
Me: Yup buddy good job, in Australia.
Kevin: Oh yeah Australia!
We all laughed again.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

a little bit of this

I just wanted to show how funny my kids are..........
This really isn't even the half of it but I just thought these captured their personalities pretty well.
She wanted to be a farmer, she is wearing Ed's jeans with his belt as suspenders and my boots!
We went on a hike and he had to wear a headband and a backpack. Isn't he just too stinkin' cute?!

He did it!

It took him 3 1/2 years but he finally got rid of pappy! Goodbye pappy we will miss you!!! It was rough for a few weeks, he got up before dawn, but he is doing very well now. Kevin got a sticker chart and when the chart was full he got to go to Target and pick out whatever toy he wanted. Here is the chart and what he picked!
It is an iron man helmet that talks and lights up. I think the 30 was well spent, he'll still need braces but that is ok. Now if we could just get his sister to give up her thumb. We tried the chart but she gave up and said maybe when I'm 16. I want them to do it on their own. So when she is ready we'll try again.

house warming

My step-sister just bought and built her first house. I wanted to send something that was small and light and easy to tell her congratulations! Here are some quick throw pillows I whipped up in a few minutes(literally) for her kids. I hope they match the colors.

kindergarten field trip

Anya had her Kindergarten field trip to the Aquarium, I got to chaperon. It was very quick and chaotic and crowded but lots of fun!! We touched rays, sharks, and got to see lots of cool stuff.