Tuesday, October 4, 2011

12 weeks

The good thing about having Ed gone for this pregnancy is I am going to be good at documenting it!!
Please don't mind the mess behind me, this is the mirror in the playroom. Yes this is how we really live. I am starting to feel better but keeping the playroom clean all the time is just something I do not have energy for. 

Anya's birthday party

She is 7 now. I can't believe how fast my girl is growing. Her almost sleepover was an amazing success. It was just me and the girls so I don't have a ton of pictures. But we made pizzas, which most of the girls had never done. We also decorated pillow cases, had a dance party and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick rules. It was really a great time.
decorating pillow cases
Eating our delicious pizza
Mmmm! Cupcakes
Chocolaty picture of everyone!
Dancing the night away

1st day of 1st grade and back to school night

 Waiting for the bus
 Her writing journal at school, it says" It is the first day of school. I feel skard.(scared) Her teacher always writes little comments on her work.
 Anya's desk
Another journal entry," It is back to school night i wnat my  parents to know that I am god. (good)
This one was awesome, what self confidence to think she is God!! Haha

Allison's garden/Landscaping at Granpop's by Anya


Anya was finally old enough/could swim well enough to join the 10:00 swim club. So while Kevin slept Anya got to swim, it was all very hush, hush and she was so excited for this milestone in her life.

The kids LOVE Grandpop's house in CT. It really is the perfect place for kids(as long as they can be outside). Can't wait until next summer.

Even superheroes need to rest

On the way to the park after his birthday party, to fly his new kite. He just couldn't quite make the 10 min drive

Kevin is 4

 Pirate cupcakes. Thanks to Jess who stayed until midnight the night before the party helping me make and decorate them.
 Taken from the trampoline.
 Blowing out the candle
 Balloon sword fight on the trampoline

Kevin has never really had a birthday. We have always been traveling. I guess that is what happens when you have a middle of July birthday. This year was his 1st friend birthday. We had all his friends and all of the Lonegan family come for the party. It was a pirate party complete with a sword fight, telescopes, eye patches and bandanas and a real treasure hunt and treasure chest at the end. Everyone had a great time, especially little man. Oh and he got some spectacular gifts!!

Summer at a glance

 We decided to build a deck on the other side of the screened in porch. Got it all dug out, the sidewalk ripped out and changed our minds. Oh well. It was really good exercise.
 Dress I made for a friend's daughter
 Summer was exhausting for little man
 Anya and Annie
The village Anya made, I think we might need more tracks.