Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Go Giants

While the kids were sleeping the Giants won. We live right outside of Philly, (Eagles) you should see the dirty looks I get when Kevin wears his Giants hat. You should have heard the muffled screams from Ed when the won. The dancing around the house and the hugs and kisses. Needless to say we have a very excited Ed in our house.

Sunbeams update

She did even worse this week. She was sick last week so she got to stay home and watch Power Block and Football with her Papa. This week she went to church and got booted from her class. She got to sit in the Primary room all by herself with no snack and nothing to do. "I'm in time-out," she promptly told everyone who walked into the primary room. I am sure it will get better but my goodness it is heart wrenching.

The cuteness of Anya

I swear she cracks me up every day.

Here she is being a good big sister and reading her brother Green Eggs and Ham when he started getting fussy.
Kevin has been having a hard time sleeping lately. I had the moses basket on my bed. Anya naps in my bed. I went in to wake her up after her alloted 40 minutes and she was sleeping in the moses basket.
She was wearing my boots around the kitchen pretending that they were Papa's work boots. She even had on the blousing straps under the boots. I couldn't believe she could walk in size 8 boots with a 3 inch heel! Just like her Mom but wants to be just like her Papa

Kevin's 1st haircut

I was so excited to have a boy so that I could cut his hair. That was honestly the #1 reason I wanted a boy. Well Kevin's mohawk was becoming a bad combover so we buzzed it off. He did so good not a peep out of him.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome home beast

We have two dogs. Annie - a 4 yr old German short haired pointer and Keona - a 3 year old black lab mutt. Mom and Dad used to have a dog that was Marlene's. His name was Bailey ( I say was because it is now George.) This dog was the spawn of the devil, Damion himself. If you were the UPS man, Mail man, Oil man, anyone with any sort of delivery look out. He will eat you. Yes he was only 7 lbs., but that 7 lbs were ferocious. He was lovely to most people, if you didn't mind being jumped on, oh and he was great if you didn't mind your floor peed all over and insessant barking all day. Now he really was a cute and loveable dog. Marlene loved him. When Dad got sick the dog got the boot. He now lives with a wonderful man down by the shore in CT. He get lots of love and exercise and is now a perfect little dog. (so I hear)Anyway, Marlene wanted another dog. She was going to college in the winter, Mom didn't want a dog. We started the Lonegan lend a dog program. Keona lived with Mom and Marlene for about 6 months while I was having a baby and getting used to it. During that time Keona had a splendid vacation. While there she got a break from a 3 year old always playing with her, weekly baths, tooth brushing at least once a week;if not every day, Having to be in her cage while we are out of the house. She also got to tangle herself around a tree or bush with the dog run, Bark like crazy until someone heard her or the neighbor called; whichever happened first, and get hit by a car. She is fine, I hope the guy who hit her is. Well she is back and holy cow is it easier with one dog. So Mom is taking her back. When I asked if she wanted her back she hesitated so that automatically means yes. Mom doesn't know it but she wants her. I house is too quiet without a dog. Keona is a great watch dog and wonderful company. She requires little to no affection and exercise. The funny thing is Mom is allergic to dogs. She can't touch her. Keona is perfect! When I come once a month I will bathe her and clip her nails so Mom doesn't have to worry about it. We found a back scratcher so Mom can "pet" her, very "Pushing Daisies". Welcome home Keona and we can't wait to bring you back.

Merry Christmas

Stunning aren't we?!
Wow I am so far behind in my blogging. Merry Christmas everyone. We went to CT to be with our family for Christmas. Ed got a week off of work and up we went. Christmas eve was the typical shindig at Grandma and Grandpa Florian's house. We had the big ham dinner, complete with hand cut pasta and a saurkraut fued. We then sung Christmas carols, opened presents and ate Grandma's famous cheesecake;super rich and creamy! We went back to Mom's house, put the kids to bed and Santa came. Mallory and Wendell came up for Christmas. It was noce to have almost everyone there. All weekend Mallory had Kevin almost the whole time. Everyone kept thinking that he was hers. Hello people they only got married in July and her dress would not have hid a belly that well!
Christmas morning we got together with Auntie Rachie, Grandma and Grandpa Florian and had a big brunch at Mom's house. Eggstrata, strawberry scones, melon, raspberry danish ring, and lobster. Lobster is a Christmas brunch tradition for our family. My Uncle Aaron moved to Califorina this year and was not able to chase all the kids around with a lobster on Christmas eve. It just wasn't the same. After breakfast we went to Grandma and Grandpop's house. (Ed's parents) More presents, more food. It was a great relaxing day. It is a good thing we go once a month because we had to leave a lot of the kids presents there for us to bring back. We had to take Keona back so we didn't have a lot of room. (More on that later) We hope your Christmas was splendid. Ours was. It is good to be home and back in the normal day to day lifestlye.

Sleep.... Where are you?

Kevin sleeping this morning
Anya was not a good sleeper as an infant, or so I thought. Oh how I long for the days when Anya was a baby. I wish Kevin was just like her. She used to take 3 naps. a.m. 2 hrs noon 3 hrs evening 2 hrs and when she slept it was for 12 hours and she would get up, eat, and go right back to sleep. She slept through the night at 7 months and only got up once or twice before that.

Flash to 2007/8 Kevin is here. His first 2 weeks ALL he does is sleep. He is awake for about 1 hour all day. Now he is almost 6 months old. He takes a 1 hour nap in the am. and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I won't let him take an evening nap. He goes to bed at about 7 pm. He wakes up A LOT. Two nights ago he woke up 3 times, ate and went right back to sleep. It was a GREAT night. I felt awsome the next day. Last night he woke up at 11 I fed him and he slept again until 3 am. That was it, up for the day. He finally fell back to sleep at 6 and Ed woke up moving around the house woke him up and he fell back to sleep at 8. Now it is 8:38. Anya just woke up and apparently was too loud getting out of bed because he is now awake. It wouldn't be so bad if Anya napped but we have had to cut her naps to a 1/2 hour. That leaves me no time to sleep. It is partially my own fault I stayed up until midnight watching Project Runway and reading. I can't watch adult shows during the day, Anya doesn't sleep long enough. Oh enough of my pity party. Kevin is really a great baby. I have decided that he doesn't sleep because then I would have a perfect baby and that doesn't happen. It will get better, I know. But for now I walk in a fog called tired.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Sunday was Anya's first official Sunbeam day. She was doing great until she had to go to class. "Class" to her had always been a fanciful place where adults go. I think is is somewhere near "work". She went to class and cried throught he whole thing. At least that's what Sis. Hawkins said. What is even worse is there are only 2children in the class, Evan and Anya. She pulled her chair near the door and whimpered the whole time. Luckily I am in the Primary Presidency and since Sis. Hawkins is also the pianist I sat with her class. I got up for one minute and the water works started again. Her best friend Gwen is having a hard time in Nursery because Anya isn't there. We make sure we do lots of playdates. Hopefully next week will be better.