Sunday, November 21, 2010

Safety Kids

Do you remember the Safety Kids? We listened to their tapes when we were kids, I don't know anyone else who has ever heard of them.

Mom where did you find them?

They were a club of kids who taught safety through song.

I often think in song, someone says something to me and I get a song stuck in my head until someone else says something and I think of a new song, in my head I live in a musical of all crazy mixed up music.

Usually days that are tough I get a safety kids song from my childhood. It is a song that talks about what to do if someone tries to steal you.....

"Sometimes, you just gotta yell and scream
sometimes it's the only thing to do
noisy as a firetruck you just have to open up and get the crowds attention turned to you. "

After each line is a Wooo wooo, fire truck sound.

Sometimes I just feel like that, I am sure you all do too. I never really knew this motherhood thing would have SO many challenging days. I am also proud to say my kids know this song by heart because I sing it to them every time they throw a fit.

Tomorrow I will have to write about great things, so I don't dwell on the negative.


I am a slacker, a total slacker, I don't really believe in excuses so I have none, just that I am a slacker.

Today I am grateful for cool, crisp, fall days when my kiddos hop the fence and go play at the neighbors house and I can take 30 seconds to tell you all what a slacker I am.

I don't have any pictures of me being a slacker, because honestly who takes pictures of themselves
cleaning their house and reading all day?!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to have a .47 cardigan

1. Go to Old Navy when they are having 50% off clearance event.

2. Check the damaged clothes area.

3. Find a fantastic gray cardigan with a hole in the back where the tag is.

5. Look at the price tag and see if it is worth the price to fix it.
Notice that it has a clearance tag so it's 50% off and a 75% off for a hole. Totally worth .47 and you remember you live a state where they don't tax clothing. So SCORE!

6. Take it home, set it on a shelf for a month or so and totally forget about it.

7. Be blog browsing find This blog and think, wow that is great, I wish I had a sweater I could do that to with coordinating fabric.

8. Practically break your ankle on leftover gray satin from your sons Halloween costume and have a moment of enlightenment as you remember the gray sweater you bought with a hole in it.

9. Cut up the satin, follow the tutorial, bug your husband while he is watching football seeing if you got the pleats "perfect"

10. Pin for about 1 hr.

11. Sew for about 5 min. Not including making the tubes.

12. Feel amazing satisfaction on all the compliments you receive on it.

13. Vow NEVER to pass a knit on the repair rack because you think you can't "fix" it.


This is the little girl that I babysat for 6 months. I will use "G" as her name to provide anonymity. I love her like she's mine.

I got G when she was 6 weeks old and I no longer watch her. Her Mom ended her contract at work for now. I had her from 6 weeks until 9 months. Pretty much 5 days a week 11 hours a day. I loved almost every minute of it. She was like having a 3rd child without the healing, nursing and sleep deprivation. Oh and I had weekends off. I would take a baby this was ANY time.

She is so sweet, we called her "G the menace", just because she was the most curious baby I have ever met. She has HUGE eyes and they were ALWAYS open taking in everything around her. Once she got mobile there was not a corner of my house unexplored.

She was also a great companion for Kevin once Anya went to school. I think it helped with the transition. I never heard," is Anya coming home soon?" until we stopped watching her.

We miss you G and love you and can't wait for you Mom to get another job!!


My baby is 3.5! Can you believe it I still can't.

Kevin is a monster. I never knew what it was like to have a little boy. I am amazed at the raw, violent, energy that comes out of this little man.

Kevin loves swords, I think he would love guns too, but they are not allowed at our house. He pretends with the top of the vacuum though, until he gets caught. He saves up his allowance to buy swords. He stocked up after Halloween.

Kevin loves to help me cook. He loves to mix and pour and "taste the sugar" If I need help with dinner Kevin is the one I call.

The little girl I used to baby sit LOVES him. This L-O-V-E is really an understatement. She got super excited and would scream every time she would see him. Actually she still does, like when she wakes up in the middle of church and realizes we are in front of her.

Kevin loves his Moms Morning Out program. He is the opposite of Anya and tells me every single detail of the day. Recapping the 2 hr program takes about 20. I love picking him up from MMO and having ALL the details.

Kevin loves to work. He loves to rake leaves and stack firewood and cut down trees. He loves to mow and feed the dog. He does not enjoy indoor chores as much. But honestly neither do I.

I always ask, "Who is my sweet boy?" He would answer, "meeeeee!"
One day he asked me, "Who is my sweet boy?" I laughed and said,"meeeee!" I am a little sad it has switched to "sweet mama" Actually come to think of it he hasn't said it in a while. Oh no is he growing up.. Sigh....

Stay my sweet boy forever Kevin. I love you tons.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Moments that remind me that my children are small and I am the center of their universe.

I won't be for long so I need to treasure every minute of it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010



I haven't done my kids because there is so much to say and how can I keep it a quick 5 min post. I don't know if I can but I will try.
First off, what happened to the little girl in the tupperware cabinet??
And who is the Sassy, spunky and fun little girl??

Anya is unbelievably social, she is super empathetic and loves to help. Yesterday when her Papa sprained his ankle she was so helpful that we had to send her to do something else(she kept hurting him worse)

Anya loves clothes and fashion, she likes to pick out her own clothes now which scares me a little. But somehow they always seem to work. I think Tim Gunn would like it. Her style is self proclaimed " mixed up" She mixes all the patterns a colors yet, it always looks decent.

Anya is a great big sister, when she gets off the bus the first thing she says when she walks in the door is, "Kevin I'm home!" She is ready to play with the poor child who has been bored to death for the past 3.5 hours.

Anya has a major sweet tooth, she loves candy, and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and fruit any and all kinds. She is also a meatatiarian. She loves bacon, ham, steak, and shrimp. She'll eat chicken as long as it is not grilled.

Anya loves pink in anything and everything. Make it pink and she will love it.

Anya loves to read and watch t.v. Right now we are reading Prince Caspian of the Chronicles of Narnia series. She loves it. And her favorite shows are Rescue Heroes and Crashbox.

While all her friends want to be doctors and moms and teachers when they grow up Anya wants to be a Musketeer, so does Kevin, so maybe they'll work together.

While all the other girls want to play princesses and dance and sing, Anya likes to pretend to be horses and frogs and other animals. But she is not one to ruin the fun she'll just say, " you be the princess and I'll be the alligator, but don't worry I won't eat you!"

She also loves music, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, and any trendy club tune or classic rock are her favorites. Beastie Boys win the award for all time favorite so far.

Anya I love the girl you are turning into and your sweet disposition. I love that you are good with people and gravitate toward good people. I am grateful to be your Mom and can't wait to see what kind of a grownup you will be. I love you so much.


My Sisters

I have 3 sisters
I am the oldest
We are very different
We are very close

This was not always the case. We have learned that it is a great thing to live in different houses scattered all over the country! I talk to each of them(I try anyway) at least once a week, and we all skype our Sista's book club once a month.

To my sister's

You guys are great, and I love you. Thanks for being my family.

My sisters

The link is the only recent picture I could think of for us.

and an April shout out, if you are in Utah she is fantastic. We are sad she left us.


I am 3 days behind I know, but I will catch up.

Today is my crockpot, or slow cooker. I LOVE it. I got is as a shower present from a friend of mine named Amy. It is HUGE, I can cook a whole chicken no problem. I have and continue use it at least once a week for the past 8 years and it is still going strong. Thanks Amy for a great gift that makes my life so much easier.

Here is is today cooking lasagna (or what we call anya-bisanga) while I blog about it.

ps. don't mind my ugly kitchen, that is in the works to change in the next few years.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


My best friends

Who else would I complain to, laugh to, pawn my kids off on, watch cheesy movies with, in the old days stalk ex boyfriends, and stay up late with. Thanks ladies for keeping me sane everyday. I think you know who you are!!

edited on the 11th
Who could I call with a moments notice to come watch my kids while I go to the ER?!


My public library
I don't know what I would do if I had to buy books, it would cost me a fortune, I read WAY too much.
Also super fun childrens programs
This month, sign language class for Anya
Cooking class for Anya and Kevin
Family movie night- that we need to skip because I forgot about Relief Society meeting(oops)
And we don't even do the weekly story times.

So fun!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Seriously my life would be so different without it!!


UGGGHHH! I ran out of time and didn't post yesterday.

So there will be 2 today.

Yesterday I was thankful for my talents.

When I was younger I didn't think I had any, my talents were not tangible. My sisters all played instruments and sang beautifully and I was good with people. That is not really a talent you can bring to a talent show.

Now as I get older my talents are expanding and I am working hard on developing them. I am still good with people and children. But now I can sew, a talent that I am working on and love.

I'll post the latest project in another blog entry. It will be soon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This guy right here

10 years ago in August we met. Our best friends were getting married and Nick was turning 19 so I came to the pary, Jess wanted me to meet her friends. I had a boyfriend. Little did I know that her" friends" was Ed.

Fast forward to a hockey game with all his friends. I think we pretty much knew it would be us forever.

Fast forward, we broke up. I went back to my ex.

Fast forward, he called and we got back together.

We got married 1.5 later and it has been great ever since.

He keeps me level headed and makes sure my head is in the clouds once in a while. I don't think I laugh without him, I am not sure but one of my friends says that she only hears me "really" laugh when I talk to him.
He helps me around the house and never complains when I ask him to keep the kids so I can go out with my girlfriends. He is perfect for me and I am so Thankful that we found each other. We will forever be grateful to Nick and Jess.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The moments before Anya gets off the bus and we all wait in anticipation. Of course I am waiting for the wailing and fighting to begin and they are waiting for someone to play with and a snack!

halloween recap

Trixie and Racer X from the movie/cartoon Speed Racer, no one knew who they were but they didn't care!!
Parade at school(it was FREEZING)Evan's birthday party.
Town Halloween Parade, we luckily have good friends who own a store on Main street so we were able to be on their front steps out of the chaos a little!
Somewhere near us a man was smoking a cigar, this was Anya's reaction!

It was a fun and exhausting weekend and I am glad I was able to make the costumes that they wanted!!


CT is prettier, we don't have as many varieties of trees, but after living down south I am glad for the view I have from my office.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


30 days of being Thankful


My fireplace... It's getting chilly and I am always cold, boy would I be cold without it. I am also waiting to see how long I can go without turning on the heat.