Thursday, November 4, 2010


This guy right here

10 years ago in August we met. Our best friends were getting married and Nick was turning 19 so I came to the pary, Jess wanted me to meet her friends. I had a boyfriend. Little did I know that her" friends" was Ed.

Fast forward to a hockey game with all his friends. I think we pretty much knew it would be us forever.

Fast forward, we broke up. I went back to my ex.

Fast forward, he called and we got back together.

We got married 1.5 later and it has been great ever since.

He keeps me level headed and makes sure my head is in the clouds once in a while. I don't think I laugh without him, I am not sure but one of my friends says that she only hears me "really" laugh when I talk to him.
He helps me around the house and never complains when I ask him to keep the kids so I can go out with my girlfriends. He is perfect for me and I am so Thankful that we found each other. We will forever be grateful to Nick and Jess.


The Mansfields said...

We are so glad that it worked out! We love you both!!
Nick & Jess

Jessica said...

I think your 30 days of thanks is a great idea! I'm excited to see what each day brings!! Deep down I know you are really thankful for me! and I am the best thing that happened to you, Ed of course is a close second ;)

You guys are the best! We are sure grateful you are our friends!!