Thursday, March 31, 2011

MiO review

photo credit: MiO facebook page

Have you heard of MiO?
It is a liquid water enhancer.

In our family we don't drink water. We never do, juice, milk and soda are drinks of choice in our house.
I decided I wanted to kick my soda habit but knew I would need something yummy to take it's place.
I was perusing the grocery store and found these little liquid water enhancers. We have tried fruit punch.

The up side:
Delicious, tastes like juice, love it
Very easy to transport
No mess, just squeeze in how much you want.
It is adjustable, in the powder packets you can only fill a certain amount. I can fill a giant water bottle and adjust the taste for the kids water bottles and add less.

Down side:
Lots of red dye
Artificial sugar-sucralose actually

Human manufactured artificial sweeteners usually give me migraines, so far I have not been affected. Also Anya is pretty sensitive to colors, especially red. So far no ill side effects from that either.

So to report, I really like this product, so far, and am looking forward to trying new flavors.
I do wish they made one without an artificial sugar option.

MiO did not pay me or give me a sample to try of this product. I spent my own money and this is my own opinion

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome spring

photo credit

Cheater, Cheater, pumpkin eater

No one in my family likes pumpkin, except me. I love it.
I don't really believe in sneaking in veggies, unless they know they don't like them.

This dish is a great way to sneak in pumpkin. Also I call it cheater, cheater because I normally never use pre-made food, but I hate making Alfredo, so I just bought some!
Ingredients:Tortellini- enough to feed your family. We like leftovers so I made about 1/3 of the Costco size bag.
Alfredo sauce- to be authentic and processed free make it yourself, or go buy your favorite kind. I bought the store brand.
Pumpkin puree - Maybe about 1 c. I froze my own last year from our jack o lanterns and I used about 1/4 of the jar.
Nutmeg - maybe 1T.
Sausage - about 1 lb. not pictured, due to the fact that we got it from the butcher and I took pictures after I made dinner. I used loose italian sausage but you could use any kind really.
Shaky Shaky cheese - again you could use real Parmesan but I didn't have any and I like it a little more cheesy than not.

Cook your tortellini according to package directions. Drain and set aside
Cook sausage in same pot that you made tortellini in.
Add pumpkin and cook a few minutes. Until warm through
Add Alfredo sauce and stir until combined.
Add a few shakes of nutmeg and Parmesan cheese.
Warm through and serve immediately over tortellini.

It would also be tasty with some frozen peas mixed into it.

Serve with a mixed green saladIt is not the most appetizing colorful dish in the world but it is quick and savory and tasty.

The verdict:
Anya - preferred not to eat it, but tried one bite.
Kevin- threw it up, but I think that is due to his coughing.(hopefully)
Me - liked it but not my favorite dish, a little heavy for me.
Ed - loved it, was excited to bring it to work and have everyone be jealous.

Season pusher

Last week we had a few days of warm weather and I found this little guy next to our empty wood pile.

All the other daffodils are still just a short group of leaves just poking out of the ground.
Of course it is now picked and dying on our kitchen table, because when you have children, flowers don't grow in the ground for very long.

Sweet quick baby gift

When I good friend has #4, what do you give them? Seriously 3 other siblings all close in age... I had no idea, so I whipped up this quick little blanket for little Owen.

It is a thermal knit with a truck, stoplight pattern. And a silky binding to keep it all together. Perfect for wrapping and rubbing.

Best part I whipped this baby up in about 1 hr, while Kevin was having one of his weekly play dates and Anya was at school.
It also cost under $5.00 to make.

Victorian or clown

This is a project that I made this winter from Ruffles and Stuff I didn't do it right, at least I am not wearing it right. But it was so different and fun, and I used up the fabric that I bought but didn't use for Anya's Halloween costume. I think if I ever figure out how to wear it I will rock it.
Also don't mind the awkward I can't take a picture of myself.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Main street

Just had to share this little gem.

We live in a cute town with a main street.

I was talking to Ed about Main street for some reason.
Kevin: Do Monsters live on Main street?
Me: What?
Kevin: Repeat of past question.
Me: Why would monsters live on Main street?
Kevin: Well they are mean and they should live on Mean street!!

Haha! I just thought it was too cute. Now Main street is Mean street where all the bad guys and mean people live.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

food update

Is HATED by Anya.
Kevin thinks it will turn him into the Hulk, so he took one bite, completely covered in chicken and pasta.

The grown ups love asparagus.

Now any time the bathroom is not smelling perfectly fresh(you know what I mean), the kids ask if we have been eating asparagus now!

Winter blahs

Ed works every other weekend. Today is a work weekend. It is just the kids and I.

I should be cleaning like a crazy woman
Instead, we got up at 8:30, watched a movie.
Ate pancakes for breakfast at 11:00
and then I invited people for play dates this week, and spent some time on the computer.
We will play and then I will probably clean like a mad woman for a little while just because I can't take it anymore.
I can't wait for winter to end and we can go outside and play. It is warm-ish today but not enough for me.
So if you stop by we are all in pajamas, lazily playing and having fun.

Sorry for the huge mess. It'll be clean by Tues.