Monday, December 10, 2012

Anya's baptism

Anya turned 8 this year and was baptized. She chose to have her Step Grandfather, Randy, baptize her. So Grandma and Randy and Natalie flew out from Utah for the weekend. Grams and Grumps Florian came down with Auntie Emmy for the day to be there too. It was really great to have so much family there. All the pictures are on my Moms camera so hopefully I'll get copies of them someday. But here are the professional ones we had done, by Jessica Cooper Photography.

My sweet girl on your baptism day I want you to know how proud I am of you. I know that sometimes it is hard for you to like church but you always know what is right and what is wrong. I love that you know if you ever need anything that all you have to do is pray and Heavenly Father will make it all better. You are such a good example to your brother, sister, Father and me. You bring our family so much joy and you are so much fun to have in our family and you are the biggest help ever! I love you so much and am so glad that Heavenly Father let your sweet self be in our family. I know you are making a good decision and that the Lord will bless you in your life if you take the time to look. I know that our church has the fullness of the gospel and that if you live it to the best that you can our family will be together forever and you will always live a good, full life. Study the scriptures that Grandma Webster gave you. If you do Jesus will become your friend and you will learn to rely on him and you will never feel alone or VERY sad. I love you more than you will ever know and am so proud of the little lady you are turning into.

1st day of school

2nd grade

 oops sorry it's sideways - she picked her own outfit this year.
Getting on the bus. See ya later!

 It was raining by the time little man got on the bus.
so excited to finally be going to school and riding the bus.

I sniffled a little as he left but at the same time I am glad to have the break every afternoon.

Family photos

After seeing how awesome my nursing photos came out I booked Jessica Cooper again and did a family shoot. If you are ever in the NJ, Philly, Delaware area seriously look her up. She is super talented! Here are my favorites from this one.
 This describes their relationship perfectly
 10yrs and still going strong
 Sisters, Anya always has a goofy smile
 The family
 He loves his sisters
 All of us
Daphne - doodle

Baby and Mama

My friend Thalla introduced me to this awesome photographer. Jessica Cooper, she was doing mini nursing sessions and I signed right up. What a great time to remember. The lighting was perfect and so was our outfit.( me and homemade - Daphne)Here are some of my favorites. They are only babies for so long after all.

Couldn't you just eat that face?


only 5 months late. I think we finally got all the computer kinks worked out!
 Sammy and Daphne hanging in the tent at Ocean City
 5th birthday cupcakes
 hanging out
 blowing out that candle
 Ed and Anya being crashed by waves. the next one wiped them out good.
 Boogie boarding
 wiping out too, Kevin was good at it this year too.
 Our friend the Soden's came for the day and Jason "watched" Kevin for us
 Anya learned to change a cloth diaper
 We made a new friend who has aquarium passes, The kids got eaten!
 Daphne loved the shark tunnel
 Daphne, my first child to truly love food.
playing in the rain while the rain was still warm.

We did lots of other things but I am horrible at taking pictures. That is one thing on my goal list for 2013.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year for Thanksgiving we went up to CT. We stayed with Ed's parents and their lovely new renovated house. It was unseasonable warm so we spent a lot of time out doors, the kids had fun rolling down the hill (Which we are seriously lacking here), playing on the swing set, and hiking in the woods. We were also able to take the kids hiking at a local state park where there is a waterfall, covered bridge and old water tower all in the same place. It was a great time. Even Daphne had a good time looking at all the great sites while hiking. I am so Thankful for family that lives in such a beautiful part of the country and that we are close enough to visit on a fairly regular basis. I was also able to catch up with old friends and get a lot of reading done, it was heavenly to not have to worry about daily chores for almost a week. Ed leaves for his deployment soon so we are catching as much time as family together as possible. This week was a nice time to be together and have a great visit.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kevin turns 5

I can't believe my little man is turning into a little man. He is now 5 and is such a sweet boy. Since his birthday is in July is coincided with our beach vacation so we just celebrated all week at the beach, and with Spiderman cupcakes. Photos will be in the vacation post. Here is his birthday interview:

1. Favorite color: red
2. Favorite toy: Buzz lightyear and cars 2 jet
3. Favortie fruit: apples and bananas
4. Favortie thing to ear for lunch: hot dogs
5. Favortie outfit: Skateboard shirt and red gym shorts
6. Favorite t.v. show: transformers
7. Favortie game: (he took this as board game) checkers
8. Favorite snack: I don't know
9. Favorite animal: tigers and snakes
10. Favorite song: Book of Mormon Stories
11. Favorite Book: Froggy Let's Go
12. Best Friend: Sean, Logan and Lyle
13. Favorite cereal: Multigrain cheerios and panda gogo puffs
14. Favorite thing to do outside: Swing on the swings and jump on the trampoline
15. Favorite thing to drink: juice, water, milk
16. Favorite holiday: Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night: bedtime toys
18.  What is your favorite thing for breakfast: cereal
19. What do you want to do for dinner on your birthday: Cupcakes
20. What do you want to be when you grow up: a Motorcycle driver.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hiatus and notes to self

feel free to ignore this post...........

I went to update a few days ago and am pretty sure my computer has officially crapped out. So until I can transfer photos to the laptop you will have to do with what I tell you! Here is what I need to add
1. Kevin's birthday
2. vacations
3. Mid life crisis
4. projects

Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 Talent show

Getting ready to go on. She was so nervous. The whole school plus families!!
I can never get videos to upload, ugh!! Any ideas would be great! I guess I'll have to figure out how to get it on Facebook.
She did a great job! She sang Down by the Bay and did 4 verses.
Did you ever see a cat wearing a hat?
Did you ever see a cow kissing a plow?
Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose?
Did you ever see a bear combing it's hair?

I was so proud of her independence. She picked what she wanted to do and came up with the verses on her own. She did GREAT!!

Mini photo shoot of Daphne in her blessing dress

Due to this picture I have realized she looks like me

Big blue eyes

Who loves Mama? Meeeeeeeeeee

Such a sweetie

Here is Daphne in the blessing dress. I told the story in my last post. I figured I would get some of just her in the dress. She wanted to nap and was a little fussy but luckily she is such a good baby that she is easily distracted. After the shoot I promptly squished up the bag and sent it to Mallory for her baby.

No longer a daisy

My little girl is growing up. Anya officially bridged to brownies. These past 2 years have been a lot of fun and now we look forward to selling cookies(not really!) Congrats girls!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial day parade

Kevin, Daphne and I waiting for the parade to start

Marching with the Daisy's

Daphne showing her patriotism. A daisy gave her the flag. She loved holding it.

Kevin waving his flag

This was a picture that got taken by accident but this is what she looked like for most of it.

Sometimes it is nice to live in Small Town USA. Like Memorial day parades. Small, perfect weather, all over a great day!! Anya got to walk as her last time as a daisy!

Amy's babyshower

tissue paper poms poms over the food table


banner of baby onesies(my gift to her)

The most delicious cake EVER (thanks Jess)

sideways gift table

sideways food table

I got finger mustache tattoos and we put one on baby girl, oh so cute!!
I was able to throw a shower for a friend from church who is having her 2nd baby 1st boy. It was small but a lot of fun. It was a little gentleman shower.