Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Wipes deal at Target

I may regret sending this out b/c my Target may now run out, but on ( if you want to print 4 per page go to has a coupon out for 3.00 off 2 huggies items. If you have any huggies wipes or bath and body coupons it is a great deal. You can combine a Target coupon with a manufacters coupon for double the savings. I got 6 tubs (64ct.) and 2 pkgs.(40 ct) and 2 body washes for 4.15. It is a great deal especially if you have a little one on the way. I also use them to have Anya help me clean the bathroom. In some Target's the 40 ct pkg. it 1.47 that means if you use only the Target coupon it is free!!! YEAH!! It is one per transaction so to make it legal make sure you divide up your coupons and put dividers inbetween each transaction. This is the first real bargain Ed asked if I was sure I didn't need more. I will probably go back. The coupon doesn't exprire until the 10th of Jan. Oh and if you are wondering bargain shopping is a huge passion of mine.! Happy shopping

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The amazing Anya

Last night I heard Anya doing laps around the island in the kitchen. I go in and she is riding her "horse." Way to be creative my dear.

Today we drove by McDonalds she told me she wanted french fries. I told her that was not an option today, she said then can I please have chicken with buffalo sauce? Neither Ed nor I eat buffalo sauce, how did she know what that was. She amazes me.

I miss FL

We got our first "real" snow today it was about 1.5 inches. I hate the cold. Yes it is pretty but I would take heat over snow any day. Not Ed. He lives for this weather. I guess Anya does too. Again pics will have to go in later. Dumb computers. I was talking to my friend in Fl and she said her playgroup was cancelled today because it was too cold, insert big gasping laugh here, 60. I told her it was 30 and snowing and Anya was outside playing and I should probably put mittens on her and zip up her coat, oh yeah and a hat might be helpful. I was inside, my yard is fenced and Annie ( our dog ) was out there with her. Oh yeah did I mention I hate the cold.

Anya's 3 year visit

Anya had her 3 year visit in Nov. She weighs a whopping 26 lbs and is 36 and 3/8 inches tall. Yes ladies and gentlemen she is in the 10th percentile. She is so tiny. She has a friend who is smaller though. At least shorter anyway. She must take after me.

Happy 4 months

Kevin was 4 months on Nov. 20th (I'm a little behind) At his visit he weighed an even 15 lbs and was 24 inches long. 50th percentile for height and 55th for weight. Chubber! He also is still on his endless search for the illusive thumb, I guess his finger will have to work until he finds it.

While I was packing

We were heading up to CT for the 3 days before Thanksgiving. I was busy packing we were leaving in a hour or so, I hear Ed in his What did you do voice, "That is not how you use scissors!" At least it was in the front and we could play it off as an angled cut.