Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Pageant

Anya had her Moms Morning Out Christmas Pageant last week. Most of the girls were little angels. When she came out she stopped to look for us. She found us, waved and proceeded to run to the front of the stage and do pirouettes. This resulted in the halo, flying off her head and landing in the stable! It made everyone laugh! That is my Anya!

this picture is right as she found us! It is really dark, sorry!

And this is proof that she is a fallen angel!

Wool longies

We have been cloth diapering pretty much exclusively since Halloween and so far I really like it. For Halloween I dressed up as "supermom". I had a diaper hanging from my belt and a woman in my ward saw it. She commented that she used to make wool covers and sell them. Then she said that if I would buy the wool she would make me some! WOW! She just saved me about $30.00!
She gave them to me a few weeks ago and they are FANTASTIC!!! These pictures do not do them justice!

Dear Santa

Anya has taken it upon herself to believe in Santa. I had never decided if we would or not so we never told her one way or the other. Well she believes in him. I am kinda glad, that is what makes it magic!

This is her first year writing a letter to Santa. I didn't want to do this but my post office sends a letter back with stickers and a pencil in it so we have to. Her letter was just too cute...

Dear Santa,
Could you please bring me a big red mustang with colorful seats and a Cyberchase suit for me and my brother Kevin. Thank you Santa and I love you so much!
Anya Lonegan

she signed her name down here.

Needless to say she is receiving nothing on her list!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

My family

This is what we looked like at the beginning of 2008

This is what we look like at the end of 2008

Aren't we much better looking now?!

It's that time of year

I am getting ready to send out our family Christmas card. If you would like on please send me your address.

P.S. It is a picture of the family!

Friday, December 5, 2008


... for my husband that is. Is it wrong that I am seriously jealous. I need to get over it. I am just feeling a little slighted that he is hanging out with no kids for 2 days. I will never get that opportunity. OK enough of a vent. I'll be over it soon.