Thursday, January 27, 2011

More cheap projects

You know how I love a good Old Navy sale............

40% off clearance plus damage rack creates some cheap fabric, or in this case clothes!!Can you see it? .07 !!!! That is right 7 cents for a t shirt

I forgot to take a before picture, but it had a few holes in the front of it.

I get those all the time, mostly when I am at the playground with the kids. Leaning over something and your shirt snags, bummer there goes that shirt. Not anymore.

Plus I figured if it didn't work I had some scrap material to make things out of.

I took my scissors and cut a ton of little holes, I didn't want it to be too symmetrical but I wanted sort of a pattern so this is what I did. Front and back.
Wash your shirt, this will cause your holes to look fabulous!!

I took some fabric that I pilfered from my Mom's stash when she moved( I believe I had leggings of this purple fabric when I was a kid.)

I cut, pinned, and sewed it behind the holes.
There may have been a time that I left it bare, but lets face it two kids later, no one wants to see my muffin top hanging out of my shirt.

I also wear a size small and the shirt is a medium so I took some of the fabric folded it in half and sewed it under the neckline, making it not quite so plunging.

For .07 and about 45 min of work I would say fantastic overall.

Sorry for the bad picture, no hair done or makeup on snow days, therefore no face, that is challenging when you are the one taking the picture.

Snow day

Today was a snow day. Our last big snow we were out of town, we got stuck in Atlanta to prove it. The first picture is the back yard, the bottom is the front yard. The pine trees are across the street in front of the neighbors house. They haven't plowed and I took the picture around noon.

Today we were home, the kids were disappointed we had to cancel our play dates, but we made up for it by playing pirates, all possible thanks to my need to mop the kitchen floor!

Kevin and Anya fighting on the plankApparently Kevin lost and had to walk the plank.

We also blew bubbles, made bread, and traced our bodies and colored them. Yes people it's only 2:00 p.m.
The kids are headed to watch a movie while I do some more sewing. I love Snow days, when they are far apart.
Jammies all day, warm food, and warm home. Maybe later we'll play in the snow. I don't actually like to go out in it so maybe tomorrow when Papa has off!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anya's Christmas gift


It is huge, and needs to painted but she loves it!!
I don't have a picture of it totally done but once I do I'll add it. This picture is missing the ladder and the side rails on top.

Thanks to my handy husband and some guy who posted this plan on the internet.


I LOVE bread, we all do, in our house we are carb junkies.

I love homemade bread and have been trying out different recipes to see which I love best I have found it. Here is the link.

Here is my first attempt.
I need to work on my rolling technique but otherwise perfect. SO great for sandwiches, toast, etc. Nice a soft but not so soft that you can't spread on it.

Note: Do not preheat your oven to 450 and put it in, my 1st attempt( ok so this is my 2nd) cooked into a ball in the oven. Just put it in the oven with the light on.

We ran out yesterday, Anya asked if we could go to the store to get more, I told her I made it, she didn't believe me. That is how good it is.

Thanks Delia for sharing your awesome recipe.

Gag reel

Ed was smitten with Lydia, they spent as much time together as they possibly could.

Wendell, taking pictures.I wish I weren't making a funny face, this could be an awesome picture.

Mal and Taffy

My kids got Just Dance Kids, for Wii, of course the adults HAD to try it! Pat was by far the funniest!! I felt like I was watching a Nintendo commercial that day.

Christmas morning

Grandma and the kids, except Heidi who was napping! (It is very hard to get that many little kids to cooperate for a picture)

We were all together and it was lovely. Kevin got his Santa gift and all other gifts besides ones from Grandma and Cousins, were waiting at home. Santa came while we were gone. Anya's gift is another post.

Here is Christmas morning. Note: The only rule of Christmas morning is you must brush your teeth, other than that come as you are..... (sorry family)
Grandma came in full force this year! Thanks Fed Ex and Grandma!!Hans and Heidi- Pat's brother was our honorary family member for the week. (he is our Maria)

The only gift Lydia opened - it was all just too much!

Taffy opening her first gift on her first Christmas.A whole box of Anya's favorite food! Annie's macaroni and cheese!
Nolan and MarleneKevin asked Santa for one thing, a big Buzz! He was so excited that all his Christmas dreams came true! (and Santa only had to fork out $30.00)

After presents we taught Hans the fine art of cleaning and eating a lobster, had sugar cereal, scones and eggstrata, all the normal fare, then played Wii and hung out the rest of the day! It really was quite heavenly!!

Christmas in CO

We went to Colorado over Christmas vacation to visit my sister Ashley and the rest of the Webster family. It is the first time ever, we have all been together, children, husbands, and Mom. It was A LOT of fun.

Lots of bonding, fight control, bro-in-law ski/snowboarding trip, and lots of laughter.

And I have realized I do not miss having a baby in my house!!!

(she is doing TONS better than the last time I saw her! For full updates see


I don't have any of Ash, sorry!
Mallory took on the daring task of building a gingerbread house. The kids all volunteered to help and Mal so graciously accepted. I am amazed how well she wrangled them all with all that candy. The babies were all sleeping.
Christmas Eve we Skyped the CT crew! It was so nice to see everyone!! This is the 1st year I haven't been there.
Christmas Eve is not complete in the Florian family without lobsters, we eat them for brunch on Christmas morning. We found them in CO and they were unbelievably expensive so we got 2 to share with everyone. Side note: Mal is TERRIFIED of lobsters. Tegan was quite curious, I think it took everything Mal had to let her touch it. We all got a good laugh.

It was a balmy 45-50 degrees out the whole time we were there. With a house crowded with 10 adults and 6 children, the backyard was a nice escape. Lydia and Anya were fast friends, Kevin, ummm, not so much.

3rd birthday gift for Miss A

I hate that I can't take pictures of it on a model, it would be SOOO much cuter.

I drop it off tonight, I hope it meets expectations. This was a request from Mom for birthday pictures.

I didn't make the can can skirt. I have not attempted projects that take quite that amount of time yet.

The shirt is an applique of pink fabric with white polka dots surrounded by lots of tulle!!