Sunday, November 14, 2010


My baby is 3.5! Can you believe it I still can't.

Kevin is a monster. I never knew what it was like to have a little boy. I am amazed at the raw, violent, energy that comes out of this little man.

Kevin loves swords, I think he would love guns too, but they are not allowed at our house. He pretends with the top of the vacuum though, until he gets caught. He saves up his allowance to buy swords. He stocked up after Halloween.

Kevin loves to help me cook. He loves to mix and pour and "taste the sugar" If I need help with dinner Kevin is the one I call.

The little girl I used to baby sit LOVES him. This L-O-V-E is really an understatement. She got super excited and would scream every time she would see him. Actually she still does, like when she wakes up in the middle of church and realizes we are in front of her.

Kevin loves his Moms Morning Out program. He is the opposite of Anya and tells me every single detail of the day. Recapping the 2 hr program takes about 20. I love picking him up from MMO and having ALL the details.

Kevin loves to work. He loves to rake leaves and stack firewood and cut down trees. He loves to mow and feed the dog. He does not enjoy indoor chores as much. But honestly neither do I.

I always ask, "Who is my sweet boy?" He would answer, "meeeeee!"
One day he asked me, "Who is my sweet boy?" I laughed and said,"meeeee!" I am a little sad it has switched to "sweet mama" Actually come to think of it he hasn't said it in a while. Oh no is he growing up.. Sigh....

Stay my sweet boy forever Kevin. I love you tons.

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Jessica said...

He is such a HAM!!! We sure love him!