Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beauty School drop out

I am looking at going to school in the fall or spring. I completed a semester after high school and never managed to go back to finish. I have had a nagging feeling that I need to go and get it done. We have a really great beauty school a few miles away and I have been looking into it. I am really excited about it, now just to figure out the actual logistics of
1. What do I do with my kids for 3 hrs a day?
2. How do I deal with never seeing my husband?
3. How do I pay for 2 yrs worth of college in 9 months?
4. Can we afford it with the new house payment?

A lot of questions but I just need to sit down and figure them all out. I will update you as I find out the answers.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Over the past few months Anya was having trouble with a bully at school. I talked to the Mom and all the teachers and it slowed but didn't stop.
When we went to CT for Easter, Grandpop taught Anya to poke him in the eyes and kick him in the boy parts!

The other day I was eating dinner with the kids and I had a bite of food go down slow. It made me a little nervous and decided that I would talk to Anya about 911. I asked her when it was appropriate to call and she said when I was sick. I clarified sick as I couldn't talk or wake up and told her if there was a stranger in the house that was going to hurt her to call.

She then told me that she didn't need to call 911 for a stranger she could just poke him in the eyes and kick him in the boy parts.
Me: Anya sometimes strangers are grown ups and they are much bigger and stronger than you
Anya: Then I'll stand on a chair or the table
Me: Well Anya you can do that but first call 911 so the police will come
Anya: But we don't need the police, I already took care of it. I am a big sister I can take care of lots of things, even bad guys!

And just so you remember that I have a son too. Kevin is talking up a storm now. His manners are great and he is so good at saying Thank you and Your Welcome. My favorite thing he says right now, trains are not trains, he calls them... All Aboard, in a yelling conductor type voice!

Warm weather means yard sales

I love to tag sale, I have since I was little with my Mom. Now that it is warm, we are out in full force. We found a hammock, hand made in Mexico got it for $9.00. It has been well worth it.
The other day I couldn't find Anya, well I found her..........
asleep in the hammock! So far she has used it more than anyone, she also pretends to be a sloth and hangs from it!

Happy Summer, oh I mean Spring

Heat wave...... We enjoyed every minute!Anya and Kevin in the pool
Annie realized we have fish in there.... recently she has tried to fish them out from inside

Easter at the convalescent center

Every holiday our MOMS club goes to our local convalescent center to visit the elderly and have a little party. Anya always has a blast, here was Easter.

Doing the hokey poky with the E bunny!

Anya posing with the E bunny

Absolutely necessary

I have a part time job watching a friend of mine's kids about 30 hrs a week.
I have been sick of my diaper bag for a long time, but I HAVE to have outside pockets for drink cups.
I finally found the bag! Oh and yellow is my favorite color. Thanks to A ( the lady I babysit for) for her manager's discount!