Sunday, November 14, 2010


This is the little girl that I babysat for 6 months. I will use "G" as her name to provide anonymity. I love her like she's mine.

I got G when she was 6 weeks old and I no longer watch her. Her Mom ended her contract at work for now. I had her from 6 weeks until 9 months. Pretty much 5 days a week 11 hours a day. I loved almost every minute of it. She was like having a 3rd child without the healing, nursing and sleep deprivation. Oh and I had weekends off. I would take a baby this was ANY time.

She is so sweet, we called her "G the menace", just because she was the most curious baby I have ever met. She has HUGE eyes and they were ALWAYS open taking in everything around her. Once she got mobile there was not a corner of my house unexplored.

She was also a great companion for Kevin once Anya went to school. I think it helped with the transition. I never heard," is Anya coming home soon?" until we stopped watching her.

We miss you G and love you and can't wait for you Mom to get another job!!

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