Monday, December 10, 2012

Anya's baptism

Anya turned 8 this year and was baptized. She chose to have her Step Grandfather, Randy, baptize her. So Grandma and Randy and Natalie flew out from Utah for the weekend. Grams and Grumps Florian came down with Auntie Emmy for the day to be there too. It was really great to have so much family there. All the pictures are on my Moms camera so hopefully I'll get copies of them someday. But here are the professional ones we had done, by Jessica Cooper Photography.

My sweet girl on your baptism day I want you to know how proud I am of you. I know that sometimes it is hard for you to like church but you always know what is right and what is wrong. I love that you know if you ever need anything that all you have to do is pray and Heavenly Father will make it all better. You are such a good example to your brother, sister, Father and me. You bring our family so much joy and you are so much fun to have in our family and you are the biggest help ever! I love you so much and am so glad that Heavenly Father let your sweet self be in our family. I know you are making a good decision and that the Lord will bless you in your life if you take the time to look. I know that our church has the fullness of the gospel and that if you live it to the best that you can our family will be together forever and you will always live a good, full life. Study the scriptures that Grandma Webster gave you. If you do Jesus will become your friend and you will learn to rely on him and you will never feel alone or VERY sad. I love you more than you will ever know and am so proud of the little lady you are turning into.

1st day of school

2nd grade

 oops sorry it's sideways - she picked her own outfit this year.
Getting on the bus. See ya later!

 It was raining by the time little man got on the bus.
so excited to finally be going to school and riding the bus.

I sniffled a little as he left but at the same time I am glad to have the break every afternoon.

Family photos

After seeing how awesome my nursing photos came out I booked Jessica Cooper again and did a family shoot. If you are ever in the NJ, Philly, Delaware area seriously look her up. She is super talented! Here are my favorites from this one.
 This describes their relationship perfectly
 10yrs and still going strong
 Sisters, Anya always has a goofy smile
 The family
 He loves his sisters
 All of us
Daphne - doodle

Baby and Mama

My friend Thalla introduced me to this awesome photographer. Jessica Cooper, she was doing mini nursing sessions and I signed right up. What a great time to remember. The lighting was perfect and so was our outfit.( me and homemade - Daphne)Here are some of my favorites. They are only babies for so long after all.

Couldn't you just eat that face?


only 5 months late. I think we finally got all the computer kinks worked out!
 Sammy and Daphne hanging in the tent at Ocean City
 5th birthday cupcakes
 hanging out
 blowing out that candle
 Ed and Anya being crashed by waves. the next one wiped them out good.
 Boogie boarding
 wiping out too, Kevin was good at it this year too.
 Our friend the Soden's came for the day and Jason "watched" Kevin for us
 Anya learned to change a cloth diaper
 We made a new friend who has aquarium passes, The kids got eaten!
 Daphne loved the shark tunnel
 Daphne, my first child to truly love food.
playing in the rain while the rain was still warm.

We did lots of other things but I am horrible at taking pictures. That is one thing on my goal list for 2013.