Monday, May 24, 2010

For posterity and because it's branded in my brain

See this dog

She is sweet and innocent and 6 yrs old.
Her name is Annie she is our German Shorthaired Pointer and she is the GREATEST dog in the whole world. Even people who hate dogs like her. Sometimes I call her Nanna, like to dog in Peter Pan because she freaks out if the kids are not with her. She only barks if she wants to come in from being outside or something is wrong. She has a very calming effect on other dogs, including puppies. Because of that we like to take her to playdates sometimes to play with friends dogs, while the kids play together.

On Fri. we went to Wielond's house. He is Anya's equvilent in a male form. Imaginations run WILD when they are together. They are very good friends. A few months ago they got a new puppy so we brought Annie over to play, I completely forgot that around the same time they had gotten chickens. Oh did I mention she is a bird dog.

Sarah assured me that she couldn't ge t into the coop. I felt ok with that, she mostly ran around the coop all excited. Then Sarah said,"OH NO!" I turned and Annie was in the coop. I ran as fast as I could. She had gotten into a little door that is used to change out their food. I couldn't get her out of a door that small. The chickens are running around trying to get away from her. She managed to get 2 while I was trying to get her out. I finally found a door that lets the chickens out. 1 chicken saw the door open and RAN for it. Annie poked her head out after it and I grabbed the scruff of her neck(she lost her collar in the other attepts I had made to get her out). I yanked her out and laid her on the ground and put all my body weight on her. Have I mentioned she is a 75 lb. dog? Thanks you Cesar Milan, dog whisperer!
After her brain calmed for a second I dragged her through the house and threw her into the car.

That is not the traumatic part of the story. The traumatic part is the fact that there were 5 children watching. The 2 older ones were crying hysterically. That was really the only noise there was, I thought that was interesting. She ended up killing 2 chickens and hurting one. The hurt one made it and only one got away unscathed.

After the chicken massacre Anya and Wielond were crying as we escorted all the kids into the house.
By the way, realized Kevin was not in the house with the other kids and went out to find him, and the lucky chicken. He was standing at the sand table, playing.
Me: What are you doing?
Kevin: Building a road.
Me: (Not sure if he even noticed what just happened) Can you do me a favor?
Kevin: Do you need me to find the chicken that Annie didn't kill?
Guess he is not oblivious just callus!

Here is the conversation Weilond and Anya had as we were escorting the kids inside:
Wielond: Why did you have to bring your dog?
Anya: Why did you have to get chickens, didn't you know she is a hunting dog?
Sarah and I laughed at that bit. It was traumatizing for all but I think an important lesson about life was learned, do not mix a hunting dog and chickens!
I am glad we are still friends and we are totally forgiven, and new chickens were bought over the weekend.

Sorry for the long post, but I had to record for posterity so we will never forget the New Jersey chicken massacre of 2010.
p.s. just wanted to mention there was no blood, yeah for that!

Funny girl

Today I was changing Kevin's diaper,
I said," Boy, you stink to high heaven!"
Anya then says," Does that make Jesus sad?"
Anya,"Does it make Jesus sad that he can smell Kevin?"

I had a good chuckle and I think it may be time to explain expressions to my little girl.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The spring is almost over

The past 6 weeks have FLOWN by.............

We have been so busy, too busy.

I have come to the realization that my kids don't need lots of activities, they need time to play at home, with each other, or with friends. I need to slow down. I am hoping that summer will let us do that. Maybe I'll be more patient if I am not hurrying them everywhere?

On the agenda..........This weekend: Strawberry picking. Let the beginning of canning season begin. Yeah fresh fruit and veggis!!!

On a side note:

Have you ever tried to run numerous errands with 3 kids, nearly impossible. We miss you Papa. I miss your great chauffeur abilities, and the fact that I could run into a store without being a negligent parent.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Watch this little clip!
So funny!
Almost makes me want to get a minivan!

My Mother's Day consisted of screaming fights, spanking and child or two, 6:oo pm bedtime, painting, and dinner made by Bill. Love steak, cheesy potatoes, and feta salad. Thanks Bill for making my day, when my hubby couldn't!