Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally done

I am so excited about this project. It has been in the works since winter.

I love to thrift shop, I blame thank my Mother.

I found the perfect dress at Goodwill. It was dark purple, white small polka dots, fit me like a glove and had pockets! Really does it get any better.

(Insert before picture here) Oh yeah forgot to take that one!!

Let me use my awesome writing skills to describe it for you. You know the secretary/business dresses of the 80's like this one.....

Sorry this picture is so huge

Picture the buttons all the way down the front and a straight neckline, oh it was a hottie stage!!

I knew the neckline, shoulder pads and sleeves had to be revamped. So I worked on them.
As I said before the neckline was straight across, so I made it a small v-neck, and the sleeves came to the elbow, with amazing shoulder pads.

Here are the pictures, sorry again, 6 yr old took them.

I paired it with a thick black belt that I got with a sweater dress this winter and a pair of ridiculously high heels- thrifted also.

I have learned that you should not trip over things with a pencil dress with buttons. The buttons pop off if you do, creating more work for yourself!! Lesson learned.

Baby gift

This little number is for one of my best friends new baby. Her 3rd she got a girl so of course she needs an outfit and since they live in FL she needs something nice and cool.

front view
back view

And what is an outfit for a little girl without butt ruffles. Rock them while you can little Stella. Hope you like it!

Easter 2011

Our MOMS club went to the local Senior Center for Easter this year. There was an egg hunt, snack, visiting with some of the residents, and of course the Easter bunny.

Oh and because I am a total slacker these are the ONLY pictures I have of Easter, yep I pretty much suck.

Heidy Ho Neighbor

We have neighbors on either side of us with kids the same age as ours. It is really great, and really annoying. This is how Anya and M. communicate when they are both outside.

Oh yes that is our 6 foot fence she is standing on.

It reminds me of Home Improvement, when Tim would talk to Wilson. My family used to love that show. Now it's in my backyard!


Why is it that there is a trophy and graduation for everything now?

Anyway Kevin "graduated" his Moms Morning Out program this year.

Here are the pictures. Ed took them, while we were both juggling Anya and G. So they are not awesome.
Can you tell he's into pirates right now?
Here is the 3 of them, I really should have brought candy!

Oh well, congratulations Kevin! Now you can go to preschool next year!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

MiO update

I spoke too soon on the colors. After last night Anya is no longer allowed to have that flavor. Crystal light Pure, we are coming back. Sorry MiO. I will have to see if there is another flavor with out the red dye, that we like.