Sunday, September 27, 2009

recent struggles

I have been going through some struggles lately concerning church. I couple people have complained about the noise level of my kids and I have overheard them. 1 person said it to me, in a very kind way, I am very grateful to this person the most.
A little background, if you do not know my kids they are very energetic and loud, also I go to church alone with 2 children under 5. It really kinda hurt my feelings especially when I overheard someone talking about me to someone else. Last Sunday I didn't go to Sacrament meeting because of how I felt, I kind of thought why bother. But I still wanted my kids to go to Primary and I'm the primary chorister. Today I decided to tough it out again and if they were loud or naughty then that was it. They were pretty good today, I only had to take Kevin out once and I was able to leave Anya with the family sitting across from us so I didn't have to worry about her and just concentrate on him. I have been having a hard time with quiet things for them to do and the church bag gets old quick. I feel like I have to change it every couple of weeks. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I think things are going to be ok and this is going to be a struggle I just have to suck up and deal with.

Unofficial Party!

Anya turned 5 on Sept. 20th. She wants a Halloween birthday party so we had a little "family party" with some close friends. Here is her cake, pink of course. Then I made bbq drumsticks, rice, and salad. Then we had a campfire in the back yard and the kids got to stay up late and play in the backyard. They have never played out in the dark and they had a great time. I guess it was kind of our goodbye summer party!


As the weather gets cooler our meals get warmer. Homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade whole wheat rolls. DELICIOUS!!!

Like Father like child

Ed was working on the car and the kids wanted to help.