Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random thoughts

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my job. I have always wanted to be a Mom. Sometimes I think that is why I never finished college. You don't actually need a degree to be one :) I love my job. I do miss the "real" world sometimes but then I think of coming home each night to rude, rowdy kids who just want to be all over me and I am so glad I get to do that all day.
This weekend has been a really great one. We spent the weekend in CT with Ed's parents. The only down side is we are all in one room. I have to sit in the room with the kids until they fall asleep so I have time to surf the net and catch up on all my blogs! Last night I was reading Megan's blog I am and I was so moved. Earlier in the blog list she had a 10 day motherhood challenge. One day was to list 5 things you love about being a mother. Here are mine:
1. Newborn baby smell( I LOVE IT, almost to an unhealthy amount)
2. The fact that I can pinch a cute bottom and not get arrested!
3. Reading for sometimes an obscenely long time to the kids.
4. The hysterical things that my children say(there are waaaay too many to list)
5. Getting reminded that I didn't get my luvins today and having 2 sweet children crawl into my lap for hugs and kisses.
There are so many other reasons but I just love being a Mom. Honestly it is my dream job. I would do it forever if I could. I have loved each stage so far( Anya is only 6.5). I can't wait for the rest, to see where it brings us and the fun and adventures we have.


Christy said...

Isn't gratitude one of the best feelings? I love your list (and agree with it!). One thing on my list is holding a child on my lap with them facing me and laying (lying? never could get that right) against my chest. Kayla was holding a sleeping Gracie in RS that way and I miss it. Although I wouldn't want my kids to do that now since they are as tall as/taller than me and it would be both gross and extremely uncomfortable!

melanee said...

Totally agree with you Leah. All of you still give me satisfaction that I am you, Ashley, Mallory, and Marlene's Mom. Wait for the phase of grandma. That tops it off entirely.

Rachel Wheeler said... didn't give me my luvins today. Give yourself an Auntie Rachie hug and kisses for those kiddies! xo