Thursday, December 18, 2014


The best thing about being in NJ for so long has been the fact that I have made some really amazing friends. Some have moved away and we are just as close as we always were. When I lived in FL I belonged to the MOMS club of Gulf Breeze. It was a great way for Anya and I to get out of the house and meet some people in the community. When I moved to NJ after I had Kevin I looked to see if there was one here, and right in my town was one, and a really strong and flourishing club. I was so excited. I threw myself in, play group, Mom's night out, crafts for the kids, field trips, speaker meetings, and my favorite thing of all..... Book club.
I have been going to MOMS club book club for the last 8 years. Even when I was working 60 hrs a week and taking 2 online classes I would make sure I made it to book club. I rarely missed it. Good food, good books(sometimes), good discussion, and wonderful people. It hasn't been the same people over the past 8 years they have changed out somewhat. Just Cheryl and I have been the only completely constant. But nonetheless it is my most favorite night of the month and I try to never miss it.
Tonight I went to book club all ready to discuss a pretty crappy book called Sh*tty Mom. Funny, but really I wouldn't recommend it. And I show up and there is a full Asian fusion spread on the table and everyone is there with gifts for me and everything. They threw me a going away party. I tried really hard not to cry. We talked and laughed and ate food, and of course talked about things that we ONLY talk about at book club. They gave me really thoughtful and amazing gifts and it hit me that we are leaving in just a few short weeks. When I got home I showed all the gifts to Ed and I totally teared up. I am ready to leave NJ but not ready to leave the friends and family that I have made here. I will miss it all so very, very much. This place has become another home to me.
I think that the good part about the military life is that I make homes everywhere I go. I meet amazing people who influence me and teach me and love me. I in turn learn to love them and help them and call them true friends. I have learned so much from the people who have come into my life here in Jersey and I will be sad to leave. I cried when I found out we were moving here and I will definitely cry when we leave. Until then though we don't talk about it. I 've reached the denial stage of grief.

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