Thursday, January 27, 2011

More cheap projects

You know how I love a good Old Navy sale............

40% off clearance plus damage rack creates some cheap fabric, or in this case clothes!!Can you see it? .07 !!!! That is right 7 cents for a t shirt

I forgot to take a before picture, but it had a few holes in the front of it.

I get those all the time, mostly when I am at the playground with the kids. Leaning over something and your shirt snags, bummer there goes that shirt. Not anymore.

Plus I figured if it didn't work I had some scrap material to make things out of.

I took my scissors and cut a ton of little holes, I didn't want it to be too symmetrical but I wanted sort of a pattern so this is what I did. Front and back.
Wash your shirt, this will cause your holes to look fabulous!!

I took some fabric that I pilfered from my Mom's stash when she moved( I believe I had leggings of this purple fabric when I was a kid.)

I cut, pinned, and sewed it behind the holes.
There may have been a time that I left it bare, but lets face it two kids later, no one wants to see my muffin top hanging out of my shirt.

I also wear a size small and the shirt is a medium so I took some of the fabric folded it in half and sewed it under the neckline, making it not quite so plunging.

For .07 and about 45 min of work I would say fantastic overall.

Sorry for the bad picture, no hair done or makeup on snow days, therefore no face, that is challenging when you are the one taking the picture.


Jessica said...

SUPER CUTE!!! I think we should have had a head shot, c'mon lets see the true beauty-all natural Leah!!

Laura said...

You are so creative!!! It looks fabulous!