Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sleep where are you?

Anya was a fantastic sleeper. Kevin is not. I have decided I have a new mission. Objective: To get Kevin to wake up only once or twice in the night.
This message has self destructed every night since he was born.
All I want to do is get some sleep. A great night is when he only screams for an hour and doesn't wake up again until 5:30. I have tried everything except for sending Ed in. He is useless when I wake him up but I am trying it this weekend. Any suggestions, I have even tried fasting and praying! I need more than 3-4 hours a night and so does he. P.S. He is only napping for a total of 3-4 hrs during the day!


Jen said...

We just put caleb in bed with us...Not the best option but we did get more sleep and guess what he's two sleeps in his own bed and sleeps through the night. Good luck!

KIMMY aka "ki ki" said...

Savanna is just barely starting to wake up only ONCE during the night. I am one that can't let them cry, but I put her in a twin @ 9-10 months and would sleep with her after the first wake-up call. It's the ONLY way either of us got any sleep...if you need to talk, or vent, I'll understand you can call me :)

Csaynt said...

We also would just put Christopher in bed with us. We all got a great nights sleep and eventually he'd sleep in his own bed--but never a crib--he HATED the crib! Good luck!

Our Universe said...

I'm with Jen, not a proponent of placing the babe in the bed, but Margaret was similar to not wanting to sleep through the night. Without sleep I'm not very nice :-) Good luck! I'll keep you in my prayers.