Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome home beast

We have two dogs. Annie - a 4 yr old German short haired pointer and Keona - a 3 year old black lab mutt. Mom and Dad used to have a dog that was Marlene's. His name was Bailey ( I say was because it is now George.) This dog was the spawn of the devil, Damion himself. If you were the UPS man, Mail man, Oil man, anyone with any sort of delivery look out. He will eat you. Yes he was only 7 lbs., but that 7 lbs were ferocious. He was lovely to most people, if you didn't mind being jumped on, oh and he was great if you didn't mind your floor peed all over and insessant barking all day. Now he really was a cute and loveable dog. Marlene loved him. When Dad got sick the dog got the boot. He now lives with a wonderful man down by the shore in CT. He get lots of love and exercise and is now a perfect little dog. (so I hear)Anyway, Marlene wanted another dog. She was going to college in the winter, Mom didn't want a dog. We started the Lonegan lend a dog program. Keona lived with Mom and Marlene for about 6 months while I was having a baby and getting used to it. During that time Keona had a splendid vacation. While there she got a break from a 3 year old always playing with her, weekly baths, tooth brushing at least once a week;if not every day, Having to be in her cage while we are out of the house. She also got to tangle herself around a tree or bush with the dog run, Bark like crazy until someone heard her or the neighbor called; whichever happened first, and get hit by a car. She is fine, I hope the guy who hit her is. Well she is back and holy cow is it easier with one dog. So Mom is taking her back. When I asked if she wanted her back she hesitated so that automatically means yes. Mom doesn't know it but she wants her. I house is too quiet without a dog. Keona is a great watch dog and wonderful company. She requires little to no affection and exercise. The funny thing is Mom is allergic to dogs. She can't touch her. Keona is perfect! When I come once a month I will bathe her and clip her nails so Mom doesn't have to worry about it. We found a back scratcher so Mom can "pet" her, very "Pushing Daisies". Welcome home Keona and we can't wait to bring you back.

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Merrow Family said...

Can we loan our kids out too? I hear with the two dogs. Our dogs were our first children and boy are they much more work. Your mom will love the companionship :-)