Thursday, January 10, 2008

Merry Christmas

Stunning aren't we?!
Wow I am so far behind in my blogging. Merry Christmas everyone. We went to CT to be with our family for Christmas. Ed got a week off of work and up we went. Christmas eve was the typical shindig at Grandma and Grandpa Florian's house. We had the big ham dinner, complete with hand cut pasta and a saurkraut fued. We then sung Christmas carols, opened presents and ate Grandma's famous cheesecake;super rich and creamy! We went back to Mom's house, put the kids to bed and Santa came. Mallory and Wendell came up for Christmas. It was noce to have almost everyone there. All weekend Mallory had Kevin almost the whole time. Everyone kept thinking that he was hers. Hello people they only got married in July and her dress would not have hid a belly that well!
Christmas morning we got together with Auntie Rachie, Grandma and Grandpa Florian and had a big brunch at Mom's house. Eggstrata, strawberry scones, melon, raspberry danish ring, and lobster. Lobster is a Christmas brunch tradition for our family. My Uncle Aaron moved to Califorina this year and was not able to chase all the kids around with a lobster on Christmas eve. It just wasn't the same. After breakfast we went to Grandma and Grandpop's house. (Ed's parents) More presents, more food. It was a great relaxing day. It is a good thing we go once a month because we had to leave a lot of the kids presents there for us to bring back. We had to take Keona back so we didn't have a lot of room. (More on that later) We hope your Christmas was splendid. Ours was. It is good to be home and back in the normal day to day lifestlye.

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Merrow Family said...

I've missed you points. Welcome back to blogging. With all that food sounds like people might mistaken you are having a third baby :-)