Thursday, March 31, 2011

MiO review

photo credit: MiO facebook page

Have you heard of MiO?
It is a liquid water enhancer.

In our family we don't drink water. We never do, juice, milk and soda are drinks of choice in our house.
I decided I wanted to kick my soda habit but knew I would need something yummy to take it's place.
I was perusing the grocery store and found these little liquid water enhancers. We have tried fruit punch.

The up side:
Delicious, tastes like juice, love it
Very easy to transport
No mess, just squeeze in how much you want.
It is adjustable, in the powder packets you can only fill a certain amount. I can fill a giant water bottle and adjust the taste for the kids water bottles and add less.

Down side:
Lots of red dye
Artificial sugar-sucralose actually

Human manufactured artificial sweeteners usually give me migraines, so far I have not been affected. Also Anya is pretty sensitive to colors, especially red. So far no ill side effects from that either.

So to report, I really like this product, so far, and am looking forward to trying new flavors.
I do wish they made one without an artificial sugar option.

MiO did not pay me or give me a sample to try of this product. I spent my own money and this is my own opinion

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you clarified, I was worried there for a second you were getting paid per word for that review ;).

Glad you found something that works for you and the chillies!