Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beauty School drop out

I am looking at going to school in the fall or spring. I completed a semester after high school and never managed to go back to finish. I have had a nagging feeling that I need to go and get it done. We have a really great beauty school a few miles away and I have been looking into it. I am really excited about it, now just to figure out the actual logistics of
1. What do I do with my kids for 3 hrs a day?
2. How do I deal with never seeing my husband?
3. How do I pay for 2 yrs worth of college in 9 months?
4. Can we afford it with the new house payment?

A lot of questions but I just need to sit down and figure them all out. I will update you as I find out the answers.


melanee said...

Hey Leah. Just change the words high school to college. If this life course is right everything will fall into place.

Christy said...

Hey, I am just now catching up on your blog. Glad you liked the laundry schedule! LOVE the diaper bag! Best of luck with the decision making. I will tell you this, however. I received a BS degree in accounting from BYU. I work during tax season making a pretty good amount of money per hour preparing tax returns. My neighbor comes to my house and cuts and colors my hair (and cuts my kids' hair). She makes at least twice as much per hour doing my hair than I make preparing tax returns!

And regarding the dryer - you are my hero, you know that, don't you? Please share more and more of your secrets, because I know you have lots of them!