Monday, April 28, 2008

It's always fun when Grandma comes

My Mom came down last weekend.
We used to go up to CT once a month but we are trying to save some money so we are only going every other month now. So Grandma came last weekend to see us. It was great. Keona came too. It was nice to see her too. Although we did not miss her barking.(more on this later)
On Sat. we went to the REI garage sale and got some fabulous stuff and then we stopped at LL Bean where I found some fabulous sandals. Mom said she would get them for my b-day(in Sept) and she bought them for me. They are also made from recycled materials! Then we went to PF Chengs for a fabulous Mother's day dinner, I know we were early but this is when she came. And then we went home put the kids to bed and Ms. Alice came to give Mom a reflexology treatment. If you have never had one you should, it is fantastic. Sunday we went to church, it was great having an extra set of hands. She left that afternoon. We miss you Grandma thanks for coming!


melanee said...

Thanks for my magical weekend. I miss Anya and Kevin already

Christy said...

I think my sister had Reflexology treatments during her chemo - they helped a lot.