Friday, April 4, 2008

Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd. Since I have discovered my "Green" side I have decided to post some things that I have learned that I find very interesting and I hope that you may too.
For Earth day we are going to a park to clean up trash and neaten up a park that we hike at quite often. What is your family doing?

I love Wegmans( a grocery store in NJ, PN,and NY). If it were not for Wegmans I don't think I would be as Organic as we are. It would be very expensive otherwise. I have found that at certain grocery stores things are cheaper and most grocery stores have a decent supply of organic items. I love Costco for milk, soy milk and bread, Trader Joes for everything else and Wegman's for all my fresh stuff and baby supplies.
If you can't go totally organic stick to the top 12 list
coffee(you should also make sure it is fair trade)
sweet bell peppers
For more detailed info go to the and search the dirty dozen

Now I must confess we do not eat organic meat, we are trying to get there but it is super expensive. We also do not use organic coffee, we don't drink it, but we do make sure our chocolate is fair trade.

Now onto beauty products

Avoid these products if possible:
FD&C color pigments
Imidazolidinyl urea and DMDM hydantoin
Polyethylene glycol
Propylene glycol
Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate

This will keep you skin and body much healthier.

Do small steps, bring your own reusable bags. Most grocery stores sell bags for about .99 or bring a canvas or cloth bag that you have from home. A backpack always works if you're only picking up a few things.

Hang dry some of your clothes. Not only will you reduce your electric or gas bill you will also diminish the amount of Carbon output your house has.

Switch your light bulbs to the energy saving ones. They last up to 7 years and will decrease your electric bill and they have less carbon output.

Put your electronics on a power strip to avoid your house drawing the electricity even when they are off.

Please do not think I am so crazy lady who has it all together. I am that woman who drives her full size SUV to whole foods! But do a little it helps a lot! I hope you liked this post. If not sorry and Happy Earth Day!


Christy said...

Thanks Leah, having been in cub scouts for awhile, I have issues with littering and believe in recycling, but I haven't gotten much farther than that. We don't have any plans for Earth Day. Shame on us. Thanks for the idea, and especially the info - you've given us something to think about, made it less overwhelming, and given us a place to start. Keep sharing!

Our Universe said...

I loved Wegmans when I went to school in New York. My college roommates and I used to go and purchased tons of dried cranberries. I'm impressed with your Green ways. I'm working on the food too, but don't have too many cheap stores for organic.