Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Wipes deal at Target

I may regret sending this out b/c my Target may now run out, but on ( if you want to print 4 per page go to has a coupon out for 3.00 off 2 huggies items. If you have any huggies wipes or bath and body coupons it is a great deal. You can combine a Target coupon with a manufacters coupon for double the savings. I got 6 tubs (64ct.) and 2 pkgs.(40 ct) and 2 body washes for 4.15. It is a great deal especially if you have a little one on the way. I also use them to have Anya help me clean the bathroom. In some Target's the 40 ct pkg. it 1.47 that means if you use only the Target coupon it is free!!! YEAH!! It is one per transaction so to make it legal make sure you divide up your coupons and put dividers inbetween each transaction. This is the first real bargain Ed asked if I was sure I didn't need more. I will probably go back. The coupon doesn't exprire until the 10th of Jan. Oh and if you are wondering bargain shopping is a huge passion of mine.! Happy shopping


Jen said...

Thanks for the savings idea!!! I'm going today!

ashley said...

What if you don't have Huggies coupons? Is it still good if you just use the target coupon?