Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Working again

When I found out we were moving to Japan I decided to close my home based child care to work on getting the house and ourselves ready to go. I am glad I did because just getting all the paperwork done took almost all my time and I barely touched the house.
So fast forward to now we know we are not going and won't be going anywhere for a bit. So I decided to reopen. It has been somewhat of a struggle this time around to find families looking for the particular care that I give. I have had to revamp a few things and lower my prices a little (which kills me a little) and take more of the younger age than I am used to. We are doing less preschool type activities and more playing with toys and naps now. I forgot how much work it is to have smaller guys. I am glad I doing it though and did miss it a bit. As with everything that I do, I am learing all I can and trying to do the best I can for these kids. The ones I have now, honestly, are a little rough. Not used to sharing an adult with others and somewhat emotionally needy. There is a lot of crying, which is stressful, but we have moments of a lot of fun too. Yesterday we fingerpainted. Because I have littles now, I didn't want them to eat the paint so we painted with plain yogurt and kool aid instead. It lasted all of about 6 minutes and clean up was over double that time. It was fun though and I don't think that the kids have ever done anyting like that. I know my kiddos enjoyed it. So for now Ms. Leah's family child care is open again and accepting new families.

Also because now I am not leaving the house again, I am starting to sell Pampered chef. I am so excited about it.My launch party is in 2 weeks and I am so excited to get to out of the house and cook, which I love to do, with other people and talk to them about products that I have loved for years and years.

So I am going to be super busy but I do well that way! Here's to new/old adventures this spring!

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