Friday, June 8, 2012

Daphne's blessing

Daphne was blessed on June 2, 2012. I was worried that it would not be as personal as I wanted it to be, due to the fact that none of our family would be there. My Dad blessed Anya, My Grandpa blessed Kevin and Daphne was blessed by our Bishop/home teacher/ surrogate Grandpa. I didn't record it but it was a very powerful and beautiful blessing. The parts that stood out to me, is that Daphne is blessed to be in our family, where is was wanted and loved. She will be a blessing to those around her with her happy disposition. She will always be a joy in our family. She will be faithful and true her whole life.
She is also wearing the dress that my sisters and I were all blessed in. My Mom was pregnant her last semester of college(with me) and made it as one of her homemaking finals. It is so beautiful, I am so glad my girls have gotten to wear the dress and that the blessing was as wonderful as it was.


Laura said...

I love the story of the blessing dress! Your mom has shown it to me and I am amazed at her talent! I didn't know that she made it while still in college; that's a neat detail of the story! Daphne looks beautiful (although a little distracted) and I love the family picture; you have beautiful kids!

melanee said...

What a sweet family picture. All of you look great. Daphne is a real special addition to your family. I am so glad I get to be her grandma. The blessing dress still looks good after 32 years. A big thanks to the Bishop and his family that take such good care for you since I am so far away.