Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am still here. Pregnant, huge and uncomfortable. I am reaching that cranky pregnant lady stage, I officially don't do anything but give commands from the couch. Last week I tried everything as hard as I could to have a baby and this week, I have given up. I am getting up at least every 2 hrs at night to use the bathroom. I joke that the warm up for my daily workout is reaching to turn out the lamp on my bedside table. After all, rolling over, and getting out of bed numerous times a night is quite a workout.

Last Wed when I went to the Dr. I was 3.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced and here I am still no labor. Thurs and Fri I really thought I was in labor (which has happened a lot over the past month) I contracted, quite painfully and regularly for about 6 hrs each of those nights. Right as I was about to call my Dr. I decided to see if I could get some rest. Next thing I know, Kevin is waking me up at 6:30 am. Oh no! I was so upset I slept for about 1 hr and my contractions totally stopped. I literally cried. Since then I have been having very mild contractions and a grumpy disposition. I just can't wait to have her out of me. I am so sick of being in pain. The worst part is all the fake contractions.

I REALLY wanted to go natural with this baby. I took 8 weeks of Bradley classes only 3 of which my husband was able to make it to, I will be so upset if I need to be induced on Thurs. I know I will have this baby in my arms(and hopefully home) by the weekend but I am still quite upset by how long and uncomfortable this has been going on. Technically I have been in labor for 5 weeks. That is when they put me on bed rest. If I was not experiencing any labor pains and didn't know that I am already almost half way dilated I feel like I might handle this better. I know what ever is supposed to happen will but it is still so frustrating.
Hopefully I will go into labor tonight or tomorrow and then I won't have to be induced, we will see. Until then, if you come over you'll find me on the couch, with a kitchen full of dishes, laundry that needs to be done and taking a nap!

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