Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally done

I am so excited about this project. It has been in the works since winter.

I love to thrift shop, I blame thank my Mother.

I found the perfect dress at Goodwill. It was dark purple, white small polka dots, fit me like a glove and had pockets! Really does it get any better.

(Insert before picture here) Oh yeah forgot to take that one!!

Let me use my awesome writing skills to describe it for you. You know the secretary/business dresses of the 80's like this one.....

Sorry this picture is so huge

Picture the buttons all the way down the front and a straight neckline, oh it was a hottie stage!!

I knew the neckline, shoulder pads and sleeves had to be revamped. So I worked on them.
As I said before the neckline was straight across, so I made it a small v-neck, and the sleeves came to the elbow, with amazing shoulder pads.

Here are the pictures, sorry again, 6 yr old took them.

I paired it with a thick black belt that I got with a sweater dress this winter and a pair of ridiculously high heels- thrifted also.

I have learned that you should not trip over things with a pencil dress with buttons. The buttons pop off if you do, creating more work for yourself!! Lesson learned.


melanee said...

Cute, cute, cute-Leah. What a talent! You model well too.

Kayla said...

Oooh, that is cute!

Laura said...

You have got some talent!!! And it looks amazing on you! Way to sew, Leah!