Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anya funnies

Anya has said some super funny things lately and I feel I need to document them.

Today: She came downstairs in her favorite outfit and said,"People will say,"Leah Lonegan's daughter looks so fashionable."
I laughed so hard. She thinks that everyone knows me. I have a picture I'll have to upload a little later.

Yesterday: We were in the truck and Anya started talking about the vehicle she wants to have someday.
Pink mustang, with pink headlights, pink hat, gloves, jacket, pants and shoes. And Pink Floyd. Yes, she knows that is music. Her Father and Grandpa must be so proud!

A little background: When headed up a state road into a neighboring town there is a house with a 15 foot statue of something. It is like a bull, in a toga type outfit holding a snake and it has glowing red eyes.

Ed and I were talking about the "creature" and Anya pipes in from the backseat." I knew it, I knew there were monsters in this city!"

Those are the latest laughing moments.

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melanee said...

Too hilarious! Fashionable....Pink Floyd...Monsters...too cute. She has been wanting that for three years now. Remember I told her I got a mustang for her and she looked outside to see if it was there. That was three years ago.