Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dead as in D-E-A-D

On Monday after my 4th load of laundry the antiquated dryer in this house died. I had 2 loads left and they were both sheets. I had a wet load in the dryer(never noticed it didn't start) and a wet one in the washer. I decided to make the best of it at 8:00pm and hand the clothes all over my kitchen chairs. Then I remembered that I had a drying rack in the basement. I pulled that out and dried my clothes. They were almost dry by morning. We don't want to buy a new one until we decide what we are doing with the house. For this week I have been line drying all my laundry! It was cold the beginning of the week so everything took FOREVER to dry. I realized that this might not be so bad. I had Ed hang me some lines in the basement and I am going to get one of those square clothes lines for the backyard(you know the kind outside the projects!!) I don't think I'll need a dryer while it is still semi warm out. I am seeing how long I can go without it. This has posed a problem in my schedule. Monday and Thurs used to be laundry day and now I can only do a load or two a day. I am so glad I found this. Thanks Christy!! We are trying it this week. I have stopped cloth diapering in this house, there is something wrong with the septic, so this will make up for the disposables I have to use in $ and in carbon emissions!


Cristy said...

Wow girl, no dryer? You are the woman! My sister had the same thing happen and it would take 4 days for her clothes to dry (middle of Utah winter). I am a wimp, I'd be checking out the cheap dryers on Craigslist the minute mine pooped out!

AprilF said...

WTG! I love line drying- I haven't tried it here- I think AZ spoiled me with the ease. LOL!