Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kevin is now 1

He is now 1 and I am writing this after he is already 13 months+. Wow he is my 2nd child, sorry buddy. We spent his birthday in CT. Grandma made him a peas and carrots cake, they were his 2 favorite foods at the time. It was really a carrot cake with peas decorated in icing. It was super hot a sticky and Kevin wouldn't eat his cake, he only ate about 2 bites. I can't believe how much you have grown and how much better you sleep now! Only once a night and I let you cry it out! He now weighs 22 lbs and everyone thinks he is at least 15 months. Just wait until you're walking steady! Look out, he is a typical boy, loves anything with an engine and anything with wheels or tools. He also loves almost all food and is starting to be weaned off the bottle. He is also starting to sign like a champ which is great because he doesn't talk much at all. He has my hair which is super thick and wavy so we do lots of hair cuts which he is really good for. Oh and he has a nickname now, we call him Nator as in the Kevin-nator. (Say it with an Arnold accent, it's so much cooler) Happy belated birthday buddy we love you lots!

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Cristy said...

Happy Birthday (belated) Kevin! We love seeing how big you've grown!