Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentime's Day

That is how Anya pronounces it.

We started out our celebration on Tues. when we went to a local retirement home to have a party with the residents. We sang songs. Anya was the star of Old McDonald but that is no surprise. Josh has made that her all time favorite song. They also decorated a banner to hang in the back of the activities room and had a snack. At one point we all went around and shook hands with the residents. There was a woman who had very obviously had a stroke. She couldn't shake hands was kinda off in space. Most of the other children just said hi or hid behind their parents. I was so proud of Anya. She rubbed the woman's knee and said, "Happy Valentime's Day, It is so nice to see you!" I was so proud that she knew how to react to someone who didn't react to her. The woman looked right at her and smiled and tried to shake her hand it was so precious.

On Thurs. Papa gave Anya a bouquet of tulips ( that I bought for him to give to her that day) and we made heart shaped pizza and salad and had a picnic in the living room, so we could watch Shrek 3 on pay per view. After the movie the Valentine fairy came and brought the kids Dr. Suess books and some Lindor truffles for Anya.

We have decided that Valentine's day will be a family day for us to spend together and have some fun. It was a great day!

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melanee said...

That's my girl!
Starting her own family traditions and mixing in a little of ours.